RUMOR: Disney Possibly Interested in Buying WWE?



Recently WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Formerly WWF, has been releasing a large amount of talent over the past 16 months with Owner and Chairman, Vince McMahon, selling stock in the company and even bringing in outside help in the form of Nick Khan as one of their new top executives. He was even forced into selling off the XFL Football League due to loss of profits related to the COVID-19 Shutdowns.

Many of the top stars released include Legends such as Ric Flair and top stars such as Brey Wyatt, who was supposedly meant to feud with Finn Balor at the upcoming SummerSlam Pay-Per-View, have been let go. Many of the released talent were reportedly canned due to “Budget Cuts”, meaning WWE is becoming more conscious on their spending. 

All Wrestlers released on the infamous “Black Wednesday” in 2020.

This is usually something a company does before they are planning a sale, maximize profits so that a potential buyer would pay more for the company. With Vince making all these cutbacks it artificially inflates the company’s profits, and even more cuts are supposedly on the way.

Now according to a well known WWE Alumni and Pro Wrestling Insider, Dutch Mantell, stated in 2020 that Disney was reportedly in talks to acquire WWE. WWE made a deal in 2020 with Comcast to merge the WWE Network with their Peacock Streaming Service and so far that partnership has been disastrous when it comes to quality and connection. You might as well buy the Pay-Per-View separately than rely in a faulty streaming service. Issues of censorship have also arisen.

Mantell recently stirred the hornets nest again, stating that talks with Disney may have resumed:

Now Disney was supposedly in talks with WWE to have WWE Network merge with ESPN Plus before the deal with Peacock was made. With WWE apparently unhappy with the deal the talks with Disney to acquire the company and have their content on ESPN Plus instead may be what Vince is planning. Though Comcast could swoop in and offer Vince more money.

Many Wrestling Fans are concerned that if WWE sells that the McMahon Family might possibly get booted out as the company has been in the family for almost 60 years. The last time a Corporate Conglomerate owned a Pro Wrestling Company was when Ted Turner owned WCW, but the product went downhill in quality due to various backstage issues and with the AOL-Time Warner Merger WCW was sold to Vince McMahon and merged the two Wrestling Promotions. Funny enough WCW used to have shows at Disney-MGM Studios back in 1993, with Hulk Hogan in tow.

With the McMahons possibly out of the picture people worry about all the political and social issues that currently plague most Major League Sports will bleed into one of the last Sports Products that typically avoids that. The only alternative to WWE would be smaller promotions like AEW on TNT, IMPACT! on Axis TV or New Japan Pro Wrestling. If Marvel is considered the heart of the western comic book industry then WWE is the heart of North American Pro Wrestling.

If WWE is indeed bought by Disney, or Comcast, it is unknown if the McMahon Family will stay on as creatives/executives and how much influence they would have over the product. Not to mention current Hollywood doesn’t like people who are friends with former president Donald Trump, who is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

What do you think of the potential sale? Would you still watch WWE is it was sold to Disney?

Source: Wrestling-Edge

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