Rumor: Disney Parks Removing White Voice Actors From Non-White Roles


Going along with the backlash of voice actors being replaced for roles that aren’t the same race as them, Disney is allegedly auditing the voice overs on attractions, shows or experiences to make sure that only people of color voice characters that could be assumed would be people of color.  This is a rumor, but given what’s been going on with Fox it’s more than likely true.

The rumor comes from WDWMagic’s WDWPro:

So file this one under things that I can’t believe I’m actually having to report. And due to that disclaimer, let me also preface what I’m going to tell you by saying this is not parody or satire. This is actually real.

Due to a new Disney wide mandate, no white person may be the voice of any characters of color or any fantastical creatures that may represent a character of color. Therefore, Disney Parks is performing an audit of all audio recordings for attractions, shows, and experiences, with the requirement that they remove and re-record any audio performed by a white person for any character that may be a representation of a person of color. This includes animals, mythical beasts, and any other characters, not just human depictions. Legacy recordings and actors are not exempt from these changes. Due to the scope of the evaluation, Disney Parks has been given 6 months to complete the full audit in order to begin hiring a new voice actors to record new lines.”

Now, the great thing about voice acting is that actors can be any race, gender, color, etc. and they just have to fit the characters voice and not the character’s appearance. Which is why we had women of color play characters like Rainbow Brite and Penny from Inspector Gadget. Why we have women do the voices of boy characters like Bart Simpson.

If everyone has to “stay in their own lane” is this going to spill over into other casting like The Little Mermaid?  We all know the answer to that.

When one complains about the inevitable double standard that will come out of this, they will automatically be called “racists.”  We already saw it when anyone voiced any concern over the changes to Splash Mountain. Just like anyone who didn’t like the updated auction scene in Pirates of the Caribbean were “sexists” or “misogynists.”

“..animals, mythical beasts and other characters” are they implying that some mythical beasts and animals are people of color? Isn’t that somehow worse? What determines what race characters are that aren’t human?

Where does this end? Legacy characters are not exempt either.

Again, this is just a rumor, but given what’s been happening in animation and pop culture, I completely believe this could be true. Disney has the money to do all of this now?

It won’t matter how many petitions get put up or how many signatures they get, Disney only listens when they lose money.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: WDWMagic

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