Rumor: Disney Looking at Opening Main Street in Disneyland


Disney has become a bit devious with its recent “re-zoning” of California Adventure’s Buena Vista Street as part of Downtown Disney. Now contacts say Disney is looking at the possibility of opening Main Street in Disneyland for the holidays.

There is a little more trouble with getting Main Street open versus Buena Vista Street. First, Disney was quite sneaky by having guests routed through a secondary entrance rather than the main entrance of Disney’s California Adventure. By doing so, they may have made it more difficult for the California government to declare that they’ve illegally opened a theme park (gasp) after the latest mandates came out. You’ll recall that Governor Newsom’s latest mandates for theme parks make it almost impossible to open and operate a theme park as long as COVID-19 exists in the world.

That said, if Disney were to allow guests to roam freely around Main Street without any entrance fee, they might be able to declare that Disneyland is still closed. Technically, Main Street is often open in some capacity even when the rest of the park is closed. Opening Main Street to the hub would allow guests to shop, dine, and take photos of the castle with all the holiday décor. More importantly, it would put a fire under the California administration’s derriere since guests would be in the theme parks, having a good time, and probably not spreading the disease. Disney’s play here would likely be to sway public opinion strongly against Disneyland remaining closed… which at that point would just mean rides and shows.

However, the biggest leap is that Disney would probably have to declare Main Street as a temporary extension of Downtown Disney. That could be a more difficult burden than Buena Vista Street. At this time, although we believe Disney has and is looking at this option, it seems more likely than not that Main Street will remain closed. But never say never, right?

Don’t expect buffet or family dining to return if Main Street does become part of Downtown Disney temporarily. We believe only four dining areas would be able to open. And then, if Disney was able to pull this off, the question is whether or not Governor Newsom would be so brazen as to fight Disney over the status of Main Street, creating quite the visual if he forces cast members back into unemployment.

All that said, we’re about a week out from a major election in the United States – perhaps the most consequential presidential election in decades. How the electorate responds could portend changes for Disney and California… and those changes could go either way.

What do you think? Would you be happy to stroll down Main Street, even if the hub is as far as you’re allowed to enter? Let us know in the comments below!

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