Rumor: Disney+ Has an Expiration Date on Some of Their Titles


File this under rumor because there could be some explanations for it, but some Disney+ subscribers have discovered that some of the launch day titles have expiration dates.  Most of us wouldn’t notice as it’s hidden in the metadata.

Stitch Kingdom posted this on Twitter


Some are even set to expire this year?


Now some immediately pointed out that this could be because of other scheduled changes to art or other aspects, or simply place holders



Now we do know that some films will leave for awhile because of agreements with Netflix, but Disney has indicated in the past that the content there would be there. It would be a bad look to take it away. But we did wonder how this would affect DVD/Blu-Ray/digital sales as they vault content to boost sales later.

Hopefully the commentors are right and it’s just directions to change the section or display. I don’t read metadata so i honestly don’t know what it is saying, but some of you might. Even if it was true, I’m sure Disney already backpedaled and fixed it as it was caught and put out by the media. Just in case you might want to watch Princess and the Frog in the next week.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: PopCulture, Stitch Kingdom on Twitter

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