Rumor: Disney Considering a New ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Movie for ‘The Mandalorian’


There is a new Star Wars rumor swirling around. This time it involves The Mandalorian.

Recently it’s been all over the pop culture and Disney blogs that Bob Iger has said that Disney is going to focus on television for Star Wars and not on films for awhile.

Now, the rumor is that Disney is possibly back pedaling on that for a possible prequel film to The Mandalorian.

This rumor comes to us from We Got This Covered:

“.. that the studio is seriously considering making a Mandalorian movie due to the popularity of the show. Pedro Pascal would obviously return as the titular character, and the idea is that it would be a prequel exploring his life as a bounty hunter prior to the events of the first season. To clarify, this isn’t officially in the works as yet, but Disney is definitely keen on the idea, we’re told.”

They are right, it does tie into previous comments that Bob Iger made suggesting that The Mandalorian could be spun off into movies if it did well enough.

It did far better than they expected. So of course we have to milk it for all it’s worth.

Disney needs to proceed carefully here. Star Wars is in a precarious place right now and we saw this with the performance of the Rise of Skywalker film. As We Got This Covered points out, a prequel could remove Baby Yoda, and based on the amount of pre-orders for Baby Yoda merchandise, that might not be a good move.

Baby Yoda Star Wars

Or the other option is they do a prequel that also focuses on Baby Yoda and how he got to where he was when we found him at the start of the Disney+ series.

Who knows, but if the rumor is true Disney is willing to go back to movies, after announcing they aren’t planning on it, if it means more money. Because let’s be honest, that seems to be their focus anymore.

But as of now it’s all just a rumor. I hope Disney and Lucasfilms would at least put Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni in charge if they went that route!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: We Got This Covered,

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