Rumor: Disney Considering a Long-Term Closure of Hall of Presidents


We’re hearing late this evening that Disney management may be considering a long-term closure of Hall of Presidents given the contested election and breaking news of President Trump’s strategy going forward. We were already hearing that Disney is reticent to spend big money updating the attraction with a Joe Biden animatronic, but this new development may provide them with the cover they need to go ahead and shutter the theater.

For those of you not yet in the know, President Trump is rumored to be preparing new rallies similar to campaign rallies in which he will make his case that the US presidential election was “rigged” or fraudulent to such an extent that a victory to him was stolen. Getting into the details, we know that Arizona is still too close to call, North Carolina is likely going to Trump, Georgia is undergoing a recount, Nevada has some dicey stuff with hundreds of thousands of signature issues, and Pennsylvania will be ground zero for court challenges from Team Trump. In other words, while betting money is certainly on Biden being the next president, you’ve forgotten this is 2020 if you’re thinking this thing is over. As we’ve said before, count nothing out in this crazy year.

Trump to Hold Campaign Rallies Once More

Well, considering that the Florida issue in the Gore v Bush situation of 2000 took 30 days, and this election features at least fives states with much more complicated issues than that situation… this contested election could take even longer to filter through the courts and the Supreme Court of the United States. Then again, it might not… things might fizzle and Trump concedes quickly. We simply don’t know. Neither does Disney, but they’d rather not have The Hall of Presidents become even more contentious than some already perceive it to be.

Play this scenario out, even if the news media doesn’t want to:

Let’s say that Trump wins Arizona in a few days by a couple thousand votes. Now let’s say that the hundred thousand or so votes contested in Fulton County are thrown out, giving Trump Georgia. At that point, he needs North Carolina (which looks likely), and this election will come down to the Supreme Court deciding whether or not Pennsylvania can count ballots received after election day (if they can count them, Biden is president, if not then Trump is president). As of 10:00 PM EST today, this is a very possible situation upcoming. You think Disney wants Hall of Presidents up and running during that time?

So if you’ve enjoyed the current iteration of the attraction, we’re not saying it will disappear tomorrow (although it could). But you might want to go see it soon if you’re set on getting one more viewing. Depending on what happens, Ops just might take it down in the very near future.

What would you do if you were Disney? Would you leave the attraction up as is, or go ahead and lock the doors? Let us know in the comments below.

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