Rumor: Could Pokemon Be Coming to Universal Orlando’s Upcoming Epic Universe


There’s a new rumor going around involving Universal Orlando’s upcoming Epic Universe park.

That rumor is that Pokemon could also come to the new park opening in 2023.

If this is true that would give Universal both Nintendo and Pokemon and there’s no question that it would hurt Disney.

According to Orlando Park Stop this could be a possibility:

“While there aren’t many details at this time, I have heard murmurs about something being designed that will be based on the Pokémon property, including the possibility of a Pokémon Gym being designed.”

His theories are good ones.

There is a section of undeveloped land that could be used for further expansions or maybe Pokemon? It fits the area as Nintendo does partially own Pokemon, so it would make complete sense if it was added.

The building next to the Nintendo area is unidentified as of yet, but one theory they have is that it could possibly become a Pokemon gym.

Of course it’s all rumor and speculation at this point, but if they would get Pokemon on top of Nintendo, it really would be an “Epic Universe.”

Gaming is a gigantic industry! I would argue that games and characters overshadow Disney. This is why they go to them for promotion events. Disney has been divesting itself of their gaming arms, doing more with licensing out to other companies, but they have already tried to get into the competitive gaming ring with ESPN, hosting various tournaments for the professional gaming world.

Anime and manga is gaining more and more popularity in the United States. Currently Manga titles far outsell American comics and anime is becoming increasingly popular with people who want better stories and art in their shows. The trend as of late with American cartoons is to make them more simplified (it’s a lot cheaper) and anime is the opposite of that.

If it was true, this would be a huge win for Universal. Pokemon is huge in both gaming and anime communities.

They could offer exclusive Pokemon Go characters or even host some of the Nintendo World Championships. I can’t stress how smart a movie bringing in Nintendo was for Universal, and if they worked out something with Nintendo and the other “parent companies” to get Pokemon too, it would be a big power play.

We will keep you posted. Of course all credit for this rumor goes to Orlando Park Stop! Make sure you check out their article, they have a lot more info on it.

Source: Orlando Park Stop

Images: Touch Arcade

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