Rumor: Capacity Increases at Walt Disney World to 70%


According to sources we have talked to, Walt Disney World is allegedly moving to a 70% normal capacity model going forward, phasing towards that over the next three weeks. This takes places after the Florida resort has switched to a three feet social distance requirement. Disneyland Resort in California remains at far less capacity and the old six feet model for social distancing.

If the 70% report is true, it would make absolute sense given that Disney was supposedly at 35% with the six feet distancing requirement. Now that the distance is halved, we can see how the capacity could be doubled without a problem. Crowding is going to look much more normal now in photos for sure. This will be greatly aided by the fact that individuals no longer have to wear a mask at Walt Disney World while outdoors, following reports we made earlier this month about what we expected to occur in the Resort. Meanwhile, Disneyland Resort in California will continue to utilize masks regardless of guest location.

Video Courtesy of WDW News Today

Looking at the guest response from today, it would seem that very few people – as a percentage – seem inclined to continue wearing a mask while outdoors at Walt Disney World. It comes as no shock to say that the hotter the day gets, the more people decide they’re safe maskless! Pardon our chuckle there. Of course, Disney World is in a totally different political climate in Florida, so we can’t say this is how things would look in other geographic locations. But for now, more than three quarters of guests seem to be happy going mask free.

Indoors, masks are still required for guests, but capacity limits are being eased as we speak around the parks to accommodate additional guests.

Some examples include:

Tower of Terror is now utilizing every seat.
The Peoplemover no longer is skipping every other vehicle.
Various theaters are reducing the amount of blocked-off seating.
As we reported earlier this week, signs point to Typhoon Lagoon reopening soon.

So all in all, it looks like Walt Disney World is beginning to transition out of the pandemic mode we’ve all been enduring for the past year-and-a-half. With no masks outdoors and a 70% capacity limit, if you can snag a ticket for the summer, this just might be the best time to go for a long while yet. And hey, you might even see some fireworks at some point not too far down the road.

Let us know what you think about all these changes in the comments below. Are you excited about an increase in capacity and more opportunities for summer tourists? Are you worried or pleased about lowered mask requirements? We’d love to hear your opinions, and we actually do read them.

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