RUMOR: Brie Larson to play Mara Jade in Star Wars?

Please note that the following report is a Rumor and must be taken with a grain of salt.

It’s no secret that Actress Brie Larson is a fan of Star Wars and has been trying to land a role in the Galaxy Far Far Away. She supposedly has been begging Producer/Marvel Head Kevin Feige, who is currently working on his own Star Wars Project, for a role at Lucasfilm.

The controversial actress who was known for playing Carol Danvers in the MCU’s 2019 Film “Captain Marvel”, seems to be on her way out at Marvel with the recent announcement that “Captain Marvel 2” will now be called “The Marvels.” It’s also been revealed that she will not be the main focus but instead one of many as, Monica Rambeau and Kamalla Khan are also confirmed to appear. With Brie’s career in Spandex seemingly in jeopardy she may try to exchange her tights for a Jedi Robe.

Brie Larson has been speculated to play the High Republic Jedi “Avar Kriss” in a rumored Star Wars: The High Republic TV Show for Disney Plus, but a recent report says that this is not the case, that instead she will probably dye her hair Red to play Popular “Legends” character Mara Jade. Yet another Strong Woman with Red Hair made the victim the Anti-Red Hair Brigade in Hollywood.

Mara Jade is perhaps one of the most popular characters from the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, along with characters like Thrawn, Darth Talon and Kyle Katarn among others. But when Lucasfilm was sold to Disney they company just hit Control-Alt-Delete and instead focused on a “New Era” which apparently didn’t work out.

She was the wife of Luke Skywalker, played a HUGE part in the “New Republic Era”, was part of the New Jedi Order established by Luke and was even one of the very few characters at the time who had the rare purple lightsaber (back when lightsaber colors actually distinguished what type of Force user you were). Even William Shatner, Captain Kirk Himself, seemed to be a fan of her when debating someone on Twitter over Luke’s Love Life.

But for some it may be too little too late. Since the Disney Trilogy made Luke appear to have never married her she might just appear in a few smaller stories instead of the Saga Films like fans wanted.

She was Luke’s wife, and if she can’t be his wife some fans say “Why bother?”.

They could try and have her appear in a B.F.A. (Before Force Awakens) project where her and Luke do have a relationship, but them having kids like in the books is highly unlikely.

Due to Lucasfilm’s “New Era” not working they seemingly have gone dumpster diving looking for old stories, ideas and character they can try to use to bring back older fans. But casting Brie Larson as Mara Jade is definitely not the right move as the actress has garnered a lot of bad press for her “Hot Takes” online and rumors of on-set drama. 

The likelihood of this being true seems to be very little as not just Lucasfilm, but Disney is trying their best to avoid Bad PR. Even if she is seeking a role she may simply be told “No”.

Not to mention that the very fans that people like Jon Favreau are trying to win back, would not react well to casting Brie Larson as the extremely popular character. 

Again this is a Rumor, so only the future will know what’s in store for Star Wars.

Source: Inside The Magic 

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