RUMOR – Blue and Green Milk to Leave Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Soon?

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This might put a scowl on old man Luke Skywalker’s already sour face. Apparently freshly squeezed rainbow colored milk from an alien teet may be “limited time magic.”

It’s being rumored that the blue and green milk might soon be leaving Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — or at least get a massive revamp.

The tip comes courtesy Twitter user @SWGalaxysEdge (who is a great resource for Galaxy’s Edge news and photos, BTW) who said it was mentioned in a recent Jim Hill podcast.

The reason that Blue and Green Milk might be leaving (or being massively revamped) is the taste and texture. It’s simply not even in the same league of what Universal has done with their Harry Potter beverages, which is what Disney was hoping to compete with.

In the November 25, 2019 episode of the Disney Dish podcast, an unimpressed Jim Hill says…

“Years, years of development and this is the taste Disney’s test kitchen came up with? You know, it’s like house paint. You get to the front of the line and it’s $7 for plain blue and green milk, or it’s $14 if they put rum in it,” Hill says.

“All I was thinking is ‘Could we just split the difference and you could just give me the rum?”

Co-host Len Testa adds “It’s like drinking latex.”

Testa also comments that to him, the blue and green milk are a “one-and-done” experience due to the poor taste and odd texture.

Hill then says “You’re not wrong with the one-and-done. The irony is that having just been over at Universal, and to having people just leaving Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley and talking about (…) how they have to get their Hot Butterbeer…”

“I’m sorry, but somebody at Disney… after all of this work… Blue Milk is a botch.”

Len Testa agrees that the Blue and Green Milks are a failure.

Again, this is just their opinion, but Testa and Hill are “superfans” and highly influential in the Disney blogging circles. If they’re unimpressed, it’s likely that park Guests are too.

And if the milk sales drop off after everyone has tasted it once, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see some kind of revamp or replacement soon.

[Source: Twitter]


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