RUMOR: Avengers vs. X-Men Video Game from Mortal Kombat Developer


Please note that the following story is an unconfirmed Rumor, so please take it with a grain of salt.

A little bit ago, a story went around that the popular Mortal Kombat Developer, Netherrealm Studios, was working on a deal with Marvel Games to make a brand new Fighting Game featuring the characters of the Marvel Universe.  

A Number of high level individuals in the Fighting Game Community or FGU, such as Maximilian Dood, said that they believed the game would be a crossover between the universes of Marvel and DC.  Netherrealm Studios is also famously behind the Injustice Fighting Game Series that features characters from the DC Universe. And the rumored game is said to use the Injustice Engine. Some even joked at the game being a crossover between Marvel and Mortal Kombat due to 2008’s “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe” Game.

But a recent report says that a known leaker stated the game will not only be exclusively a Marvel title, but that the theme is based on the 2012 Marvel Event “Avengers Vs. X-Men” Story.

In that story the Avengers and X-Men are divided as both teams battle over the custody of Hope Summers who may either save or destroy the Earth due to the Phoenix Force. The Two factions go back and fourth as many friendships end, alliances are shattered and even Black Panther is so mad at the X-Men that he divorces his now Ex-Wife Storm. Talk about an Us vs. Them story, which is one of the reasons this story remains a controversial subject.

If the theme of the Super Humans vs The Mutants is true then some wonder how the roster might play out as most would expect equal representation from each side.

NRS is known for having some of the best presentation in any fighting game but are criticized due to their lack of depth and skill based gameplay.

Some also wonder how it would compare to the infamous Marvel vs. Capcom series, one of the longest running fighting game franchises, which was one of the games that helped make the FGC what it is today.

Due to NRS’ more grounded take on gameplay compared to MvC some think the game will disappoint those who are used to insanely fast combos and screen filling supers.

NRS also is known for adding guest characters as DLC, like a number of slasher villains in Mortal Kombat such as: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Predator. While Injustice features The Ninja Turtles, Hellboy and even a few MK characters. Who knows if we might actually see Superman or Scorpion as guest DLC.

But I should also mention that since AT&T is effectively selling Warner Media to Discovery this could definitely offset and potential projects that WB Games could have in development. It is uncertain weather Discovery will continue to allow the company to operate or if they will attempt to sell the division like AT&T tried to in 2020.

As mentioned before this is just another rumor added onto another unconfirmed rumor, so instead of one grain of salt for this story I recommend two. Only time will tell if these reports hold any merit.

Source: Gaming Bible 

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