RUMOR: Avatar 3 Director’s Cut To Become Disney+ Series


James Cameron’s Avatar series is now considered one of the top science fiction franchises in Hollywood history. With only two films, the series has grossed over $5 Billion worldwide just from theatrical revenue alone. A new rumor suggests the third film could get a 9-hour director’s cut presented as a Disney+ series. This would give Disney extra content with content they already have.

With the success of the series’ most recent installment Avatar: The Way of Water, the third Avatar film is set for a 2024 release, with the fourth film set for 2026. A fifth Avatar film could potentially release in 2028 if both the third and fourth films are as successful as the latest release.

With every significant big-budget film, plenty of content will end up on the cutting room floor. Some footage is shot but not completed, or some footage is outright scrapped before filming begins. The Avatar series is no different. The Way of Water had deleted 10 minutes from its final cut.

But sometimes that cut footage is used for an “Extended Edition” post-theatrical release. It is another way studios can get people to buy the same film twice. The first film did this with an extended collector’s edition, which added an extra 17 minutes. But now it appears that James Cameron will take this in a new direction.

According to a recent rumor via the Hot Mic Podcast insider Jeff Sneider, James Cameron is developing a 9-hour cut of the third film. The idea is that the entire third film will be 9 hours , but a cut-down version will be released theatrically, and at a later date, the whole story will be released on Disney+ as a limited series.

This makes one question why Cameron doesn’t do an Avatar series instead of a movie? Perhaps because of how much money they made theatrically.

If true, it does make you wonder how it may affect the box office. People may skip the theater and wait for the extended version on streaming.

Source: WDWNT

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