Rumor: ‘Agents of Shield’ Chloe Bennet’s Quake Rebooted in the MCU?

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Mutants need to hit the MCU soon. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is moving into a phase that focuses on a lot of not-so-name-brand characters. This could hurt the film series’s momentum. We need some household names to swing in and grab the general audience’s attention.

That move may be on the way if this rumor pans out.

Some alleged insider information from Giant Freakin Robot further confirms my suspicions that mutants will be the next big thing in the MCU.

From what we were able to gather, Marvel does want to bring back the characters from the show but will treat them as new to audiences. It will essentially be a soft reboot of the property and characters that will act as a tip of the hat to old fans while being completely accessible to anyone who never saw Agents of SHIELD. In this way, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will not really acknowledge any of the canon of the series but will keep the characters the saME.

The good and bad things that came out of the MCU characters on television are no longer canon. All the greatness from ‘Daredevil’ and all the cringe from ‘Agents of Shield’ are being swept away. That does mean we can finally get mutants!

Marvel had skirted this in ‘Agents of Shield’ by giving us the Inhumans, though some of them were mutants in the comic books. At that time, Fox was still holding the title of “mutant” until the recent purchase by Disney.

Chloe Bennet’s character in ‘AOS’ was there… Yep. She existed. Quake did get an interesting arc during the first few seasons, but then I forgot the show existed. Then it became clear that the Marvel movies and the Marvel TV shows weren’t going to co-mingle. So, it was all for not.

Now the mutant with the power to cause seismic chaos may be part of the ‘Secret Invasion’ arc. This could tie in several of the new Phase 4 projects, including the Fantastic Four, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk.

The ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline crossed over into several other Marvel comic series included X-MEN and the Avengers. Let’s hope this isn’t just one big tease to keep the thankfully forgotten ‘Inhumans’ alive. Oh, it was bad. So bad.

What are your thoughts on a potential reboot of ‘AOS’ characters? What mutants are you hoping show up in the next phase of the MCU? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Giant Freakin Robot]

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