Rumor: After Indiana Jones 5 Chris Pratt might take Over


This is a contributor post by: Michael Shorkey

So for a couple years now the Indiana Jones 5 debacle has been splitting many people. Some say Harrison should retire from the role, some say he should do it, some say without Spielberg at the helm it won’t be good etc. Kennedy’s Reign at Lucasfilm hasn’t just been hard on Star Wars, but all of the other IPs that came from it. Steven Spielberg was originally set to direct but reportedly quit over Kennedy not willing to compromise on certain aspects, turning against the man who helped her career.

Indiana Jones 5 is set to start filming either Later 2021 or Early-Mid 2022 with his planned as the Final Film starring Harrison Ford as the Titular Hero, but many rumors have been coming out stating that this is not the end of the franchise. Indiana Jones was a huge hit for Lucasfilm whenever George wasn’t working on Star Wars, it spawned toys, video games, book and even a spinoff television show. It is considered Lucasfilm’s Other Great Franchise outside of Star Wars.

For a few years many fans have said that actor Chris Pratt, known for playing Starlord in the Guardians of the Galaxy Films and as Owen Grady in the Jurrasic World Films, that he resembles a younger Harrison Ford and would be a great fit to play Indiana Jones in other adventures, effectively making Indiana Jones into a James Bond type character where there is a shared continuity, despite different actors and taking place at different places in time. Some even suspect film adaptations of some of the old books and games, The Fate of Atlantis being a popular one.

The Rumors were originally show down by executives, but with Disney+ Desperate for exclusive content many have speculated that instead of a Chris Pratt lead film they would instead make a TV Series taking place before the events of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when Jones was still a younger man. This, along with the rumor that Shia Labeouf may return as Henry Jones III AKA “Mutt Williams” in Indy 5, but he also might get his own Sequel Series, I mean with the amount of Star Wars shows coming to Disney+ I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

Indiana Jones is a big franchise for Disney, from the movies, to books, to video games, to the Disneyland Ride, they seem to be interested in growing the brand along with Star Wars. In the coming years we will most likely see more from this series, now all that’s left is to finally bring The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles to Disney+. I mean come on, why not?

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