Rumor: A New Epcot Hotel in Development


This has got to be the most bizarre rumor I’ve dealt with in a while. At a time when Epcot looks more like a construction site than a theme park, and in the midst of a revenue-cratering pandemic, we’re hearing some strong evidence that Disney might be looking at a new Epcot hotel. However, unlike other large-scale hotels, sources are telling us this might be a small hotel more in line with the scope of the Star Wars Galactic Cruiser. Is this the new direction they’ll be taking Epcot?

Brought to us by real estate monitor, Ken Pozek, the new hotel concept is looking very likely to go between The Land pavilion and The Living Seas. This would encompass one of Epcot’s last remaining expansion pads. We imagine the only reason to put the hotel in this location would be to provide guests with premium access to entering Epcot without going through the main entrance. However, should they need to be routed through the main gate, a walkway would be extremely easy to connect the hotel’s potential location to the promenade in front of Spaceship Earth. Better yet, this hotel location would make it very easy for guests to make their way to the Epcot monorail station. Personally, I’d prefer they save the expansion lot and put any potential hotel behind the Living with the Land greenhouses.

This comes on the heels of rumors for years that Epcot might receive a hotel expansion right in the middle of the park… which itself comes after decades of rumors that Epcot might feature mini-hotels connected to the World Showcase nations. But with a purported $75 million dollar price tag, there are some surprisingly concrete details coming out about this concept.

Putting up a small, specialized hotel in the midst of our current situation? Consider me surprised. Chances that the hotel would have a balcony specially designed for watching Harmonious? Consider me not surprised.

We’ll let you know if we get more information on this development, as well as bring you first word should we find out that this rumor is going nowhere. In the mean time, feel free to let us know what kind of boutique hotel you’d like to see near the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow.

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