Round 2 Has Reissued The Classic ‘Haunted Mansion’ Model Kits

Round 2

Round 2 has been reissuing several classic kits over the years under the ‘Polar Lights’ name. The vehicles tackled stretch from standard car models to Star Trek ships. If you remember it from your childhood, odds are Round 2 has put it back out on hobby store shelves.

The company has also produced a line of diorama kits under the series titled Haunted Manor. I first saw these early last year and noticed something very familiar about them. Can you spot what I mean?

Round 2
Round 2
Round 2
Round 2

While not totally accurate to scenes from a certain Disney ride, they were awfully close. So, I did a little research and found this old ad on the ToyTales website.

ToyTales | DisneyIn the 1970s, MPC produced four model kits based on the Haunted Mansion ride. Loosely based, I should say. There was no vampire in the ride, right? Nor was there a grave robber. Aside from the vampire, the other three do feature similar characters to the ride. We’ve got the organ player, the mummy, Gus, the caretaker, and Ezra.

Each kit was capable of an action feature that incorporated the use of a rubber band. Nothing fancy, but it got the job done. A figure would either pop out of a hiding place or perform a small action. Simple, these were the 1970s afterall.

The major difference between the originals and these new releases was in the molding process. Unlike the MPC releases, the Round 2 versions all come molded in glow-in-the-dark plastic.

The advantage of having a model’s plastic mixed with illuminating powder is that you don’t have to paint them. Me, personally, I’d paint them all up, but having seen them assembled with zero paint, they look cool, too. This is the standard greenish-yellow glow, though I wish they’d used the blue or purple hue to match the lighting we see in the ride.

If you want to see one of the kits assembled and the action feature at work, check out this video:

The kits are priced at $24.99 through AutoWorld, but prices may vary at your local hobby store.

Did you happen to own one of the original MPC versions? What other scenes from the Haunted Mansion should have gotten the model kit treatment? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Round 2]

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