Romeo and Juliet Coxinha at Universal Orlando Mardi Gras

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

A famous quote asks an important question for today’s Mardi Gras food items at Universal Orlando Resort. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Juliet asks this question in the Shakespearean classic. Our Mardi Gras food item brings us to the food area near La Bamba in Universal Studios Florida. At this food tent, guests can order Brazilian style food. The sweet options here go by the name of Romeo and Juliet Coxinha.

These Romeo and Juliet coxinha cost $5.49. So why are they called Romeo and Juliet coxinhas? Well, coxinhas exist as a common style of fritter in Brazil. Apparently, a phrase common in pars of Brazilian culture goes this way: cheese with guava paste is like Romeo without Juliet.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

These fritters look like the chicken version in shape. These coxinhas cost $5.49. Menu description indicates these are guava and cheese filled pastry bites. Unlike the chicken variety, these fritters possess a sugary coating. If you are visualizing a fried dough product with sugary coating, then you are getting a good idea. Though many people in my groups enjoyed these coxinhas, I preferred the savory varieties. That does not mean these were bad but if you were going to go with sugary fried product with sugar on the outside, then I would choose beignets at Mardi Gras.

Romeo and Juliet coxinhas on left side
Photo credit: Kimmie Caputzal

These coxinhas were warm and crispy on the outside. The soft texture inside the coxinhas provides a nice contrast. You should beware of the potential hot filling of sugary goodness within. I witnessed a few people being surprised by the very warm temperature of filling and cream cheese within these. Despite that, the guava filling and cream cheese do pair well. I lack confidence that they pair as well as Romeo and Juliet though. However, this treat makes a solid Mardi Gras food option. As Juliet says, “Parting is such sweet sorrow,” You may feel this way after having this sweet treat.

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