RIP TOUR Buffet Menu Report


This year I had the honor to be a part of a private RIP tour for Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) recently at Universal Studios Florida. An RIP tour is a private VIP style tour in which your group has a private tour guide. If this sounds a bit exclusive, then you would be correct. There are also non-private RIP tours which cost less but group does not get as much freedom. On this adventure, I went with several HHN veterans.

Why was it important that they were veterans? Well, this is my first HHN ever. People often seem shocked that I have never been to HHN as a huge proponent of Universal Orlando in terms of theme park value, but it is still true. Needless to say, I am spoiled in terms of HHN adventures forever. I hope to bring everyone more details about this adventure in future blogs.

Today is about the pre-event dining experience. For a RIP tour (whether a private one or non-private one), you enter the park via an entrance near the guest service area to check. After that process, you are walked with your tour guide to the Café la Bamba for buffet dining. Our tour guide, Jim, did an excellent job worthy of all the #UOFistBumps.

HHN RIP tourHHN RIP tour

If you are unfamiliar with Café la Bamba, it is special venue near Horror Make-Up Show area in Universal Studios Florida. This location is used for special events and not available to most guests. When we arrived at Café la Bamba for our meal. We were greeted by some scare actors.

Our group found a place to sit. This buffet was included in our event price except for alcoholic beverages. Since I have a diet soda problem, I think I had three Diet Cokes during my meal. I was sad that Coke Zero Sugar was not offered but that is a “me” issue. The food offerings for this buffet were good but not great. They had variety which always helps. They were not standard theme park food offerings or even standard HHN style food. It should never be underestimated the time the chefs take in preparing a menu that is different than standard offerings.


Our group enjoyed the meal but felt it was lacking something. Many in the group have done various VIP style tours at Universal Orlando so they had a better frame of reference than me. My favorite thing was the Latin inspired mac and cheese. On the busy Saturday night, we went, the food/beverage staff was having trouble keeping some items on the buffet due to demand.


Very easily, one could complain that for such an expensive event that the food should be better. However, the guests are paying for front of line access to attractions and houses on their RIP tour not so much the food. Universal Orlando could very easily not offer this part of RIP tour. I hope in future to bring you more details of this HHN30 RIP tour.

If you are interested in participating in an RIP Tour you can find out more HERE. You can also call 866-346-9350 to book a tour.

The Private RIP Tour is more expensive but gives you more access.


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