Right Side Up Shake! Review at Toothsome


The landscape of food options at Universal Orlando changes rapidly. Thankfully, the highly desired Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen added a vegan option recently. Those dining exclusively vegan endured watching others walk around with themed photo worthy milkshakes. As a result, the jealousy caused by this exists. The frustration of avoiding gelatin, marshmallows, rice Krispy treats, and of course dairy based products made Toothsome desserts off limits. Yes, there were ways to make a vegan dessert, but vegan guests often felt team members did not prepare those options “vegan-friendly.”

However, those concerns disappeared recently.

Now, Toothsome has added a vegan Right Side-Up Shake.

This dairy-free shake features brown sugar, caramel, pineapple, and oat milk whipped topping. In typical Toothsome fashion, a large piece (or pieces) of pineapple upside down cake adorn the top of these creations. Yet, the “ice cream” portion resembles more of a gelato. As best we can tell, the gelato base features coconut and soy milk. In addition, oat milk forms the vegan whipped cream.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

The pineapple cake stars with this dessert. Most times, the cake served on top of the shakes at Toothsome could be a dessert all by itself. As my friend Xavier, at Universal Food Blog, said, this pineapple cake tastes far better than vegan version he tried over at Disney Springs earlier this year. In addition, he stated the vegan cake at Toothsome tasted basically same as a non-vegan version.

We have early reports since this shake has only been produced for a few weeks. Yet, a vast majority of exclusive vegan diners enjoyed this shake. For example, the reports from the Universal Orlando Vegans Facebook group glowed about this shake.

Now, some concerns/negatives voiced were about texture of the cake. Other voiced concerns about potential allergy issues with the pineapple products. Yet, two guests expressed concern over inconsistent base to the milkshake. From early reports, most concerns and flavor criticisms were voiced by people who do not dine exclusively vegan.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

Based on pros and cons of this shake, it serves as a phenomenal addition for vegans. If you are jealous of people carrying those large, themed milkshakes from Toothsome, give this a try.

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