Rian Johnson in Talks to Direct The Mandalorian


As I begin to write this article, a little ditty by Weezer is going through my head. I believe the title of that song is “Say It Ain’t So.” If you know the words, feel free to sing along with me.

So the latest gossip going around town is that infamous director extraordinaire, Rian Johnson, has been talking to Dave Filoni about possibly directing an episode of The Mandalorian in the future. According to author Sariah Wilson, Johnson reached out to Filoni, but “gosh darn it,” they just couldn’t get their schedules to align for making that Season 3 directing gig happen. I know Star Wars fans around the world all were devastated. Seems directing The Mandalorian is as slippery as making a new trilogy.

Rian Johnson Wants to Direct the Mandalorian

We can go into how Rian Johnson is the most controversial director to ever helm a Star Wars film. We can discuss how The Last Jedi took what was easily the greatest golden goose ever handed to The Walt Disney Company and slaughtered it with malcontent. But seriously, if you’re reading this article and you’re unaware of all the controversy, all the cultural fighting, all the postmodernism, nihilism, and irreverence that Johnson brings… well, just go see what Star Wars has become in the past several years.

Instead, there’s something important here that none of the other sites are covering, and I’d like to take a moment to bring it to your attention:

Who did Rian Johnson ask to let him direct an episode of The Mandalorian?

Let’s all just pause for a moment and think about it. I’ll ask it again.

Who did Rian Johnson ask to let him direct an episode of The Mandalorian?

If you said Kathleen Kennedy, you’d be wrong. Huh. But I thought Johnson and Kennedy were as tight as two peas in a pod? Right? Right? And I thought she was the head of Lucasfilm, right? Soooo, why is he not asking her to let him direct a Mandalorian episode to kick off his big Star Wars trilogy he says he’s still making.

Oh that rascally Rian Johnson! In his hubris of knowingly poking the bear that is the Star Wars fandom – or what is left of it – he accidently has revealed exactly what we’ve been saying for months here at Pirates and Princesses. Kathleen Kennedy can’t touch The Mandalorian! That’s Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni’s baby, and she couldn’t get Johnson or anybody else a directing gig on the show if she tried. It’s off limits to her. And sure, she and others can screw Lucasfilm, Star Wars, and Disney+ up plenty, but we’ve been accurate that KK is not allowed to dictate anything when it comes to the Favloni Universe. That’s why all she can do is fire big names from Lucasfilm in a way that sabotages the whole thing. That’s not the whole story there, but this article isn’t about Gina Carano, so I’m not fully going into that again.

The bottom line is that if Rian Johnson wanted to direct The Mandalorian, they could make the schedule work. And if Kathleen Kennedy wanted Rian Johnson to direct an episode… and if she had any control over it… they could make it happen. But they can’t.

So will Rian Johnson direct an episode of The Mandalorian? Sure, in Season 4 if the series is still going and they really want to tank the whole thing like Captain Phasma in a fiery pit. He’s really good at that. He might even kill Baby Yoda just to subvert those expectations. Maybe he gets the episode where Luke becomes addicted to Jedi drugs and starts living in a van on Dagobah. The possibilities are endless.

So, yes, Rian Johnson is in talks to direct an episode of The Mandalorian. But he hasn’t gotten the answer he would like, and he isn’t asking Kathleen Kennedy, because she doesn’t hold the keys to the kingdom anymore. She’s just really good at sabotaging it while she can.

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