Review: Vegan Berry Crepes at Central Park Crepes

Photo by Jon Self

Very recently, Central Park Crepes in Universal Studios Florida changed 40% of their crepe menu.  Before that, the only vegan options at this crepe stand were a plant based “Chick’n” one. I have several friends that really enjoyed that crepe. That crepe resided on the menu as a savory option. Now, the only vegan option at Central Park Crepes, the “Vegan Berry”, falls under the sweet crepes category. After discussing this change from savory to sweet vegan option with other people, I decided this change relates to the addition of so many better savory vegan options in the park now. I might be giving Universal Orlando chefs too much credit. However, they created another sweet vegan option to balance things out.

Photo by Jon Self

This vegan sweet treat costs $9.99. This crepe features fresh blueberries, coconut whipped topping, vegan cream cheese, toasted almonds, and raspberry sauce on top. Like all the crepes here, they come fresh to order. The quality of crepes here ranks very high. Perhaps, this explains the long queues that develop at this crepe stand.

Photo courtesy of Shelby Castle of Universal Orlando Vegans Facebook Group

These crepes often present a challenge to eat without a mess. The portion size provides good value, especially for theme park food. The fresh blueberries, easily seen on top, provide a nice flavor for this crepe. Of course, for those of us not living year-round in Florida, fruit always tastes better in Florida. The cream cheese portion provides solid texture and nice flavor. Though some guests might notice the vegan cream cheese flavor, most guests found it enjoyable. The raspberry sauce provides another solid flavor for this crepe.

Menu May 2022

The only real complaint I have heard after one day of this item being available revolves around coconut whipped topping. The appearance and texture of that whipped topping works well. Some people did not like the overly coconut flavor with this vegan whipped topping. Unless you really dislike coconut, that concern should not deter you from trying this vegan sweet treat.

Photo courtesy of Shelby Castle of Universal Orlando Vegans Facebook Group

Though many non-vegan guests will miss the “Lemon Blueberry” crepe no longer on this menu, this “Vegan Berry” adds a solid sweet vegan option. As always, we need more time to see if this crepe will continue to be high quality. However, early returns display good things to be expected from this crepe.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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