Review: Un Poco Loco Tots for Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom


Do you need to be a little crazy to try the Halloween themed covered tater tots at Friar’s Nook? On the same evening in which I purchased the “Hades Hot Dog” at Friar’s Nook, I bought the “Un Poco Loco Tots.” Why would I do that to myself? One, I did want to try this for a review. Based on my love of the covered tater tots over at Islands of Adventure, I needed to compare. Two, I bought both Halloween themed items at Friar’s Nook at same time to speed up dining whirlwind during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Was this an intelligent choice? I will strive to explain.

This covered tater tot item will only be available for purchase during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties. The menu description indicates that this features chorizo sausage, green onion, and Hades’ cheese sauce over the tater tots. However, the “Un Poco Loco Tots” cost $11.49. Would these be worth the price point? Honestly, I cannot assess that totally for you. Still, I can present the positives and negatives of this Halloween themed menu item to help you decide.

On the positive side, Hades’ cheese provides some heat. Yet more importantly, it provides actual flavor as opposed to some other spicy sauces this year. Overall, this item provides many solid flavors to enjoy. The chorizo sausage works well with the rest of the ingredients. Most guests I checked with found the tater tots well prepared. The green onions add some needed texture also. They also tasted fresh. Some bites of this combination tasted excellent. If you enjoy the flavors, the portion size of this probably deserves this price point—but just barely.

On the negative side, the tots with mine were not as crispy as the one that came with my Hades’ Hot Dog. These covered tater tots still feel below level served over at Universal Orlando. The components of this Halloween dish lack solid cohesion. Though some bites were good, an equal number were below average. Also, I know this is not a negative for some, but Hades’ cheese looks and tastes like the “plastic cheese” normally found in Magic Kingdom. I expected better than that style of cheese. However, if you enjoy that type of cheese, count that as positive for you.

Of the savory menu items, I tried at Mickey’s Not So scary Halloween Party, this one ranks the highest. You will still need to decide if this item is for you. Yes, it has pros and cons, but makes a good addition to the themed food this year. As always, eat like you mean it!

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