Review: The Gobbler Burger at Urban Pantry Aventura Hotel Universal Orlando


The best food court at Universal Orlando resides within my favorite on-site hotel, Aventura. The Urban Pantry food court provides many non-traditional menu options. I have several friends that visit this food court even when not staying at Aventura. The Urban Pantry combined with The Bar 17 Bistro make a great reason to love Aventura hotel.

When most of the rules of life changed in 2020, the menu at Urban Pantry offered fewer choices than when Aventura first opened. As with most things, some guests remember the previous menus causing them to scream at the abyss about it. However, recently Urban Pantry added several new or returning menu items. As far as I can tell, “The Gobbler” burger qualifies as a new menu item. I know it was not on menu for my February 2022 trip but was for my April 2022 trip.

On the night of my arrival in April, I checked in quickly to Aventura. I then got a freestyle refillable cup for my length of stay. After filling that up, I pondered the Urban Pantry menus and noticed the new menu items. I decided to go with “The Gobbler” burger.  Since as of time of writing, Universal Orlando still has not updated their online menus for Urban Pantry, you will need to trust me a little. I have photos so my meal did happen.

The Gobbler costs $13. The menu board describes this burger in simple terms. The menu reads “turkey burger, house made creamy apple slaw.” Universal Orlando chefs seem to enjoy making apple slaw these days since it functions as part of several entrées at the resort. The burgers come with a choice of sides. I selected onion rings.

For full disclosure, I enjoy turkey ground meat and turkey burgers. Yes, I understand some find the texture difficult to handle. However, I usually do not have that issue.

So how was the burger?

The bun did the job but provided nothing positive either. Still, the bun did not take anything away from the burger either. Sadly, the turkey patty tasted dry. This dryness exceeded normal expectation for a turkey burger. Also, the slaw tasted okay but provided little real flavor. This lack of flavor with the slaw could directly relate to the small portion of it on the burger.

For scientific purposes only, I placed mayonnaise on a section of the burger to add more flavor and moisture. Please bear in mind that I do not dislike mayonnaise, but it fails to be my favorite condiment. Yet, in this case, the mayo worked well with this burger. If the slaw had more moisture with it, the flavor of it could balance out the turkey burger. I do wish the turkey itself offered more flavor, however.

The onion rings make a great side option. The onion rings as a side cost the same as fries. However, these onion rings taste average just like last time I ordered them.

I love that Universal Orlando chefs created a reasonably healthy burger at a price point not killing your budget. Still, the taste offers nothing truly special. Even though I enjoy turkey burgers, these fail to match quality I might find at similar places off-site.

In fairness, I ordered a burger for $13 (before my 10% annual pass discount) with onion rings. That price point for theme park resort food shapes up nicely. I probably will not order this again. However, I see the value and appeal. If you order it, make sure you are prepared to add mayonnaise (or maybe ask for extra slaw.)

As always, eat like you mean it!

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