Review: Some 2022 Holiday Tribute Store Treats at Universal Studios Florida


The Holiday Tribute Store opened on November 12th, 2022. This seasonal highly themed merchandise location opened on the first day of the holiday festivities at Universal Orlando. For 2022, this store will feature four rooms. Universal Orlando veterans will find some expected themes within this store in the New York area of Universal Studios Florida.  Who-Ville, the Wizarding World, and Earl the Squirrel will star in this walkthrough attraction and merchandise store.  This store always offers some sweet treats. This year will be no exception. With the assistance of Universal Food Blog, I sampled several of the 2022 Holiday Tribute Store offerings.

With the help of Xavier of Universal Food Blog and OrlandoMike, several of the Holiday Tribute Store sweet treats were consumed. Some version of sugar overload happened to all of us.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

The Double Decker Snowman Cookie Dough Ball

This small treat looks great. The imagery of a snowman can easily be seen. The coating creating the white snowman provides reasonable flavor. However, the cookie dough portion presents some texture issues in contrast to the outer shell.

Jumbo Macarons

The second one we tried looked like a gingerbread house. Both offered decent flavor. Yet, these jumbo macarons failed to live up to the high standards Universal Orlando usually offers with their macarons. Yet, like the cookie dough ball, the price point will not be excessive.

Holly Jolly Trifle Cake

Universal Food and Beverage continue to create unique trifle cakes. This one involves white chocolate and cranberry graham cracker. We all found this one to be a solid option. Yet, this trifle cake suffers a standard theme park specialty item issue. For maximum enjoyment, guests will need a portion of each ingredient in every bite. When successful, the flavor creates a terrific sensation for your taste buds. When one component does not appear in a bite, the quality deteriorates.

Mousse Mugs

We sampled three different types of holiday mousse mugs. They were “Hot Chocolate”, “White Chocolate Egg Nog”, and “Tiramisu” mousse mugs. Each offered a similar structure with a chocolate spoon on top. Each received a unique decorative top on the icing. The mousse resided underneath this, Each one came in a thin chocolate shell. We found the Tiramisu option offered the best mousse of the three. Each one of these provides a very flavorful icing. Still, guests should expect a high concentration of sugar with the icing.

Santa Chimney Trifle Cake

This creative treat may not look like your average trifle cake. Still, the power of a trifle cake resides in this creation. The “boots” on top consist of solid chocolate. They reminded me of Easter Bunny chocolate. However, these boots were solid, not hollow. The red velvet cake provides a sufficient base in terms of structure and taste, However, ours could have used a bit more raspberry sauce to avoid the cake drying out. I enjoyed this one more than my two companions, however.

A treat we did not try was the “Stocking Cake with Presents.” This chocolate shell looks festive. The main flavor is cookies and cream.

At least for now, this ends our venture into “SugarLand” at Universal Orlando. I suspect Earl and his friends will have more treats for us to sample. May your holidays be joyous. As always, eat like you mean it!

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