Review: Pad Thai Mythos Restaurant

Mythos Pad Thai

Universal Orlando Resort offers some excellent full-service dining. One classic full-service entrée at Mythos Restaurant in Islands of Adventure is the Pad Thai.

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Ah, Pad Thai, how did you become a standard restaurant offering? How did a simple noodle-based dish with peanut sauce become so popular? For example, both full-service restaurants within Universal’s Islands of Adventure sell this dish.

Noodle is Your Lunch

AtlasObscura wrote that this sweet and salty noodle dish emerged during political stress in Thailand. Their Prime Minister declared a national campaign called “Noodle is your Lunch.” The government gave citizens free noodle carts and circulated a recipe for this newly declared national dish. So, this noodle dish from a country known for rice dishes, up to that point, grew out of political pragmatism. For the record, this helped Thailand reestablish itself internationally.

This noodle dish with an exciting history can be found at Mythos Restaurant at Islands of Adventure. The Pad Thai here continues to have great popularity with guests. At Mythos, this dish costs $26. The rice noodles come with various vegetables, chicken, and shrimp tossed in a mild sweet and sour peanut sauce. For a vegetarian version of this dish, you may also purchase this with tofu instead of shrimp and chicken. If you’d like a vegan version, please don’t hesitate to ask for the vegan peanut sauce. The tofu version of this Pad Thai only costs $22, so for once, being a plant-based diner saves you money. These prices have increased recently, like many of Mythos restaurant’s menu choices.

Mythos Pad Thai

The version of Pad Thai served at Mythos Restaurant provides many flavors. I would define it as well prepared. Also, this makes one of the “safer” options here for those lacking bravery in dining choices. However, regarding portion size, I do not think this entrée could be shared. Yet, I hear guests do that often. Perhaps I have a more enormous appetite than many guests. I have never struggled to finish this entrée when ordering it.

Mythos Pad Thai Suggestions

Mythos Pad Thai

If you order the tofu version, I have found that the texture and preparation rates need to be more consistent. In my opinion, this original recipe depends on the chicken and shrimp to balance other flavors. The tofu comes well prepared and placed on top of the noodles. I would suggest cutting the tofu and mixing it with the sauce as quickly as possible to maximize your dining experience.

Mythos Pad Thai

For the shrimp and chicken version, I found that the chicken matches the sauce better than the shrimp.  Despite the revolutionary political history of this entrée, Mythos chefs create a well-done table service version of Pad Thai.

My main criticism of this entrée involves the price point. Like many entrees at Mythos, the price points have increased far faster than the inflation rate over the last two years. I enjoy the noodles dish but prefer to use $26 on my vacation food budget for better value.

On that note, according to Universal Orlando’s online menus, Confisco Grille offers a Pad Thai for $22.95 as of the time of writing. This price was accurate the last time I checked inside Confisco Grille, but Universal Orlando’s online menus are not known to be correct.

Pad Thai shown with sauce on the side

However, if you dine at Mythos, the Pad Thai will offer a quality, flavor-filled meal. You must make a reservation during busy times, so you should plan for that.

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As always, eat like you mean it!

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