Review: Orlando StarFlyer at ICON Park

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Tucked between Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando is ICON park which offers a plethora of experiences. There are amazing restaurants, interactive experiences, and shopping options available.  Its signature piece is the 400 foot Observation Wheel at ICON Park. In the past several years, ICON Park has exploded with new additions popping up right and left. This includes a new World’s Tallest Slingshot and also a new Drop Tower attraction which opened to the public on December 28th.

The attraction that I choose to focus on today is the Orlando Star Flyer which is a towering 450 feet up in the air and touts itself as the World’s Tallest Swing Attraction. This attraction is a swings attraction like ones at various theme parks around the world where you spin around in a circle while up in the air. Except this time, you’re 450 feet up in the air.

Photo Credit: ICON Park

My husband and my daughter lovingly refer to this ride as the “Terror Swings” simply because of the height. As we drive down Interstate 4, they point out these swings and every time say how they wouldn’t ride them. I took it as a challenge, gained some confidence, and told my husband to drive into ICON Park’s Parking Garage simply to experience the “Terror Swings.”

I paid the $11.27 (includes tax) and looked up. I was doing this, and my family took a seat on a bench to look up. After a couple rides, it was my turn.

You ride in a double swing, but this time I was riding solo. I took my sandals off and placed them in the bucket for my seat, buckled up, and took a deep breath.

You go up slowly and the world gets smaller and smaller with each inch you climb. You can see all of Orlando from up there including large Disney landmarks such as Spaceship Earth and the Tower of Terror.

I found the feeling in the air up that high to be electric. You glide along in the Florida wind and feel like a bird. I found the whole experience very freeing. I looked down a couple times to spy my family watching me, but I focused on the freeing feeling that I felt while up there. You come down slowly and exit the vehicle. I looked up triumphantly in conquest.

Would I recommend the Orlando Star Flyer? 100%, but the height is not for the faint of heart. It’s high up there; my family looked like ants awaiting my return.

You can also return to the attraction on the same day for a smaller fee of about $9. I didn’t want to take up the whole day riding again, and I didn’t want to spoil my amazing experience with a second ride. Would I do it again, though? Hopefully I will again, and this time at night.

Thank you to Attractions Magazine for the POV Video of the Orlando StarFlyer:

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