Review Of The Death Eaters And ‘Dark Arts Projection Show’ at Universal Orlando

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The scariest nighttime lightshow in the Wizarding World of Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure returned on September 18th, 2021 and will be performed nightly weather permitting. The show was cancelled for Sunday the 19th due to heavy rain for example. For this event, Death Eaters descend upon Hogsmeade village. This is followed by a fabulous projection show on Hogwarts castle.

So how was it this year so far?

The part I was looking forward to the most was the roaming Death Eaters.

Several props are set up in Hogsmeade for the Death Eaters to use. Spooky green lights are added during the dusk period to enhance the arrival of Death Eaters. With it being Universal Orlando, there is fog for the staging area for them too.

This worked well especially because it has been raining at least lightly every night of this event so far. When the Death Eaters came out to terrorize the guests, the effects were enjoyable. However, I did learn that Death Eaters do not like rain, so they do not come out and play in the rain. Though this can be disappointing for guests, there are safety issues even in the Wizarding World.

dark artshogsmeade

There is a short opening type ceremony at the staging area.

I lost track of how many Death Eaters there actually were. It seemed like more than in 2019 when they did this show.

After opening ceremony, they roam through the crowd interacting with people. As in 2019, the characters prefer to interact with children. Children seem encouraged to “duel” with the Death Eaters defending the young wizard spells. This was quite entertaining on September 20th when I got to see several of these duels happen.

dark arts

During the Death Eaters time roaming, there were some special effects set up for magic to happen. I had not seen this before and it worked very well. I could probably have watched this type interaction all night.

dark arts

The expected negative to this event is how crowded and limited in terms of space Hogsmeade is for nighttime light shows.

The crowd management is a nightmare that my Muggle heart disliked before a virus added the need to social distance. If you have any concerns about space and social distancing, this is not the event for you. Maybe you could visit, see the Death Eaters, and leave. The people will be packed in like sardines for viewing of lightshow.

The lightshow itself is well done but currently they are doing two showings a night with one actually starting after official park closing. I will not ruin the lightshow. However, if you have a fear of snakes or spiders then beware. Smaller children in 2019 were sometimes afraid of this projection show.

The show is well worth your time and it will be held nightly through October 31st on nights that Islands of Adventure stays open late enough for it to get dark.

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