Review Of The Bacon Cheeseburger at Urban Pantry


As I have said on several UK based theme park podcasts recently, Aventura hotel at Universal Orlando may be my new favorite theme park resort hotel. I enjoy the simple design and the ease of getting around Aventura is fabulous compared into other resort hotels. The food court at Aventura known as the Urban Pantry is more than just a standard food court. For example, they have a food court station that serves wok bowls and sushi.

However, during a recent stay on-site at Universal Orlando, I just wanted standard food court food. I wanted a burger and as a theme park blogger, I write about burgers often. On that night, I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger form the grill section of the Urban Pantry food court. This particular burger features smoked bacon, melted American cheese, lettuce tomato, and onions. The burger bun is toasted with butter. I selected for my side to have onion rings since that is not a common side at Universal Orlando.

Photo by Jon Self

Let me start with the best part. The onion rings were pretty good. They were not life-changing, but they were some of the best food court style onion rings I have ever had. I know that is like saying they were a fast turtle. Still, it was a pleasant surprise to have onion rings with good texture, flavor, and consistency.

The average part was the burger itself. This was not a great burger even by food court standards. It was not bad but nothing special. Since the price for this entrée was around $13, I guess average was to be expected. However, the Cabana Bay Burger for a similar price is far superior to this one. The bacon did not even add any real flavor to this burger.

Photo by Jon Self

The bad part was the length of time it took to get my burger. Since this was towards the end of my nine days staying on-site, I had a good gauge of how long it took to prepare food court food. This was the slowest by far of this trip or nay trip I have taken in last two years. It was towards the end of operating hours for Urban Pantry when I ordered but the slow service may have added to the lower quality of my burger.

Though I love this resort hotel and this food court, this burger is nothing special. If you want a burger, order one to go from one of the various places in CityWalk. You will prefer it to this burger. Now if you have made it to Aventura and really want a burger, try Bar 17 and Bistro for a good burger.


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