Review of Holiday Leftover Sandwich at Universal Studios Florida


Today, we encounter a merging of food trends at Universal Orlando. During Halloween Horror Nights 30, the rise of the pressed sandwich thrilled guests. The seasonal food truck/pop stands have exploded at Universal Studios Florida. Universal Orlando continues to design creative ideas for holiday food items. This year in the Battery Park area of Universal Studios Florida, the “Holiday Leftover Sandwich” appeared for the holiday season.

universal studios florida

This pressed style sandwich recreates many aspects of the post-Thanksgiving Day turkey sandwich. This sandwich will cost you $10.99. Menu board description reads “pressed artisan cranberry bread filled with turkey and brie cheese.” This sandwich comes with a side of gravy for dipping the sandwich.

Now, depending on your Thanksgiving holiday traditions, you experienced leftover turkey sandwiches. However, these are not those sandwiches. The turkey portion itself exceeds standard theme park expectations. Yet, the portion size of the turkey will satisfy but not overwhelm. The cranberry bread makes the sandwich visually appealing. With cranberry bread being pressed, the texture adds to the experience. Guests get a premium type of flavor with the hearty grain bread. Even the sunflower style seeds on the crust enhances the taste. The gravy dipping sauce works as a nice touch. The gravy adds to the flavor in a positive way. The brie cheese might appear to be an odd choice. However, the cheese melts well. After being pressed, the intertwining of cheese and turkey works well.

Now, this sandwich fails to be a 10 out of 10. For example, how do you call it a leftovers sandwich with no stuffing or dressing included? Chefs may have excluded that for simplicity though. As you can see from photos, the pressing process could differ. Just like the holiday seasonal crepe last year, guests disagree on the amount of cranberry. If you are a cranberry fan, then this bread will be a hit. This sandwich may not be a 100% perfect, but it is at least an 8 and maybe 9 out of 10. Perhaps you should give this sandwich a try before it disappears at the end of holiday season.


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