Review of Holiday Cookies and Milk Treat at Universal Studios Florida


Though I do not know the history of the tradition, cookies and milk decorate counters overnight on Christmas Eve. Perhaps, the tradition expanded to a reason that most ideas of St. Nick shows him needing a trip to Jenny Craig to lose some weight. As someone who weighs 60 pounds more than when he had a marginal athletic career, I enjoy cookies also! Orlando theme park resorts have created many different combinations of cookies and milk for guests. This year, Universal Orlando has decided to take this concept in a different direction.

The Universal Orlando “Cookies and Milk” comes in a form you may find interesting. Universal designed a cup made of cookies. The menu describes this treat as “chocolate covered cookie cups served with your choice of a flavored straw (cookies and cream, chocolate, strawberry).” These “cups” are lined with chocolate to hold the milk you pour within it. The cup, which is decent size, looks wonderful. The rim of the cup is covered in chocolate. Of course, holiday style sprinkles decorate the rim also. Moreover, red and green sprinkles present the festive dessert nicely.

Photo By Mike Esteen

With this well themed cookie cup, you get a small carton of milk. Many guests have compared the carton to feeling like an elementary student in the lunchroom. To add flavor the milk, each purchaser gets a straw with flavor beads within. The milk does not magically change from basic white milk but the flavor within straw increases quality of this dessert.

So how does this holiday treat stack up? Is it worth your time? Well, the chocolate lining the cup resists the milk. Yet, the cookie portion does not absorb the milk. When you drink the milk, the flavor comes just from the straw.

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Now on a positive note, the cookie portion tastes great. Still, my best educated guess leads me to believe the cookie cup equals about 3 normal theme park size cookies. However, the cookie cup presents an awkward shape to eat. Now, you may feel bad if you must break this cookie cup, but it tastes the same. This treat shines as a bright light for holiday treats at Universal Orlando this year. You can find this sweet treat in Battery Park area near Mel’s Drive-In. Enjoy!


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