Review of HHN30 Bourbon Candied Pork Belly From the Sweet Shop

HHN 30 sweet shop tent
Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Orlando has become known for incredible scares, themed drinks, and a few food items. The event is known for food such as twisted taters and pizza fries. These items are good but this year, HHN is filled with themed food booths/tents. One of them is the Revenge of the Tooth Fairy themed tent, Sweet Shop.


The house that inspired this tent is based on an original concept house built around the idea of a child not giving his teeth to the tooth fairy. As you might expect, this narrative does not have a happy ending. If you visit HHN30 and want to indulge your sweet tooth, the sweet shop tent near music plaza can assist.

A menu item which has gotten a wide range of reviews is the Bourbon Candied Pork Belly. This is fair style food with a stick to hold the treat as you walk to your next house. The menu says it is skewered thick cut pork belly coated in bourbon glazed shell for $9.99.

HHN 30 sweet shop tent
Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

A few things are noticeable about this treat. The candied coating is impressive. In fact, the negative reviews of this item are based on how sturdy the coating surrounds the meat and not the taste. If you have sensitive teeth or fear the dentist more than the HHN tooth fairy, then perhaps this is not the treat for you.

However, the coating is good quality that compliments the meat. The sweet fruit like flavor works for this dish. When combined with the cured pork belly, the taste is remarkably good. The pork belly is not tough and some reviewers feel this pork belly would taste great even without the candied coating.

This item can be tough to eat. As mentioned, your dentist may not like this treat for your teeth due to hardness factor. Also, it can be a bit messy as you break through the coating. It is designed with the stick for walking while dining, but you might want to take a seat for this one. Some guests report a large portion of the item falling to the ground while being eaten.

A few of my Universal Orlando veteran friends claim this treat is not to be missed. If you are planning to enjoy HHN30, this should be considered for your dining enjoyment.

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