Review of Guava Pastelito at Natural Selections


Well before the Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure grew in popularity due to Jurassic World Velocicoaster, the food kiosk Natural Selections caused guests to stop in this area. Natural Selections offers several quality non-traditional theme park snacks. One of those items goes by the name of Guava Pastelito.

The Guava Pastelito provides a sweet treat within a different type of package.

This treat involves a quality puff pastry filled with sweet guava and cheese filling. Then, the pastry shines with a substantial layer of powdered sugar. You may need some extra napkins with this one. The likely mess of powdered sugar and the filling functions as potentially problematic.

This treat costs $6.69. In addition, this treat earns high marks from guests and more importantly my spouse.

Surprisingly, this treat holds up well despite the Florida humidity. The freshness serves as a welcome surprise to guests expecting a below average theme park snack. The puff pastry cradles the filling while also being light enough not to weigh you down before tackling Velocicoaster. Though the outer portion looks like puff pastry, the consistency suggests a warm crescent roll.

The filling provides the right level of sweetness. For this type of snack, the quantity of filling accounts to a solid amount. People more familiar with traditional version of this treat point out that this lacks authenticity. I respect that. Still, in theme park terms, this treat provides great value and taste. I especially like the treat being non-traditional. We have enough churros, cupcakes, and pretzels already in theme parks.

Natural Selections shines as a welcome reprieve from standard theme park fare. If you are looking for something distinctive then this stand serves as an excellent choice.

On busy days, this stand creates long queues. Please prepare for that.

I constantly recommend people try the more unique menu items at Universal Orlando. Universal Orlando can select the easy step serving just frozen burger patties and below average pizza. Their venture into these type of food items should be rewarded so guest can experience more creative items from Universal Orlando chefs. Natural Selections is a snack stand which is higher quality food. and should be on your list to try.

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