Review Of Forrest’s Feast At Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.


One of the first restaurants you see when most people enter Universal Orlando CityWalk is Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company. This is a Landry’s owned restaurant that is built around theming of the Forrest Gump movie. Currently, this is one of the few CityWalk full service (Universal Orlando calls table service restaurants full service) locations that does not take reservations.

During my trips to Universal Orlando, I often end my park day by ordering take out from one of the restaurants in CityWalk. I will take this back to my resort hotel to enjoy. Since I am also a member of the Landry’s Select Club there were some discounts associated with ordering here. In the past, this has been an easy place to get take-out.


For record, this was not easy this time. I did call in my order from Port of Entry area of Islands of Adventure. That worked very well. I arrived a bit early for pick-up. I ordered a house salad and Forrest’ Seafood Feast. This consists of fish & chips, fried shrimp, seafood hush puppies, fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce, chili ancho aioli, and cocktail sauce for $24.99.

My main entrée was ready a few minutes later but the problems started then.

The staff went to ring up my order and use my club card. The system, as happens here sometimes, would not accept my birthday discount. Many staff were consulted but after 19 minutes of my fried food getting cold they comped by entrée. This has happened to me before at this location. I have previously spoken with corporate about it. The Landry’s Select Club is a great program when it works but this location has issues with rewards historically.

I do feel my review of the food is influenced by the fact that I did not get to sit down to eat until 35 minutes after food was ready.

So how was it? The fries were surprisingly good even if they were not as warm as could have been.

The portion size of the fries was excellent but made other entrée items portion size look small.

The fish was just okay. The quality may have been damaged by payment issue.

I would select fish/chips at Finnegan’s or Lombard’s in the park over this option. The fried shrimp was okay but just average in my opinion. The seafood hushpuppies have lowered in quality through the years so not a highlight but not bad. The three accompanying sauces were good matches to the entrée though.

On a good note, the salad was excellent, though basic. The honey mustard dressing went well with it. The portion size was large (perhaps a mistake in size since I paid for side salad) The salad even held up in refrigerator overnight for lunch next day.

Overall, this was not my best CityWalk dining experience. It was not even my best at this food location. However, this entrée is good for picky eaters. With side salad included for $6, this is a large amount of food. This entrée could be leftovers for next day also. If I were going to Bubba Gump’s I would choose something else, but this is worth the theme park food expense but just barely.

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