Review of Fish and Chips at Yorkshire County Fish Shop in Epcot

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Though my theme park perspective struggles with this, I hear many Epcot visitors simply eat and drink their way around the park. As a part-time theme park food blogger, I appreciate this in principle. However, the amount of money spent by these guests on food (and especially alcoholic beverages) could cripple many vacation budgets. Still, I understand the appeal of the almost year-round food festivals at Epcot. However, what if you visit Epcot during those rare times with no food festival happening? Believe it or not…this can happen.

One great solution would be to book an advance dining reservation for table service level dining at Epcot. What if you just want an easy counter service option? Well, the simplest counter service option in Epcot resides in UK area of World Showcase. Nothing could be simpler than the menu at Yorkshire County Fish Shop. Only one entrée gets served here. As you can easily guess, they sell fish and chips. Now, for all my UK friends, you are right that these are really USA fries not chips. I simply report the food info. I do not control the food menus, sorry! For sides, you can order a 3 pack of Cuties Mandarin oranges or “chips,” The fish and chips cost $12.99.

With this menu simplicity, speed of service rates high. You can also mobile order here if desired. Also, product consistency most of the time rates high. Now, these fish and chips will not be as good as within the Rose and Crown. Yet, with some malt vinegar added, the quality of the fish generally offers good value. For a $13 counter service meal, the portion size is large.

Besides portion size, these fish and chips provide some more positives. The fish within the batter tastes light and properly seasoned. The overall flavor of the fish rates as good. This is counter service dining after all so do not expect the quality level of a table service option. The preparation process presents guests with hot fish and chips. If you have ever ordered fish and chips only to be given lukewarm food, then you know how important it is. The “chips” appear more like average steak fries. On a good note, they taste okay and different than standard Disney fries.

On the negative side, the batter can taste overwhelming sometimes. Some guests have compared it to a funnel cake in terms of texture, not the flavor though. The batter to fish ratio often slants toward too much batter. Some guest voices that the fries lack enough seasoning. Still, the largest potential negative involves the overall greasy feel and taste issue. When this place is busy, guests often get far too greasy pieces of fish. No amount of malt vinegar will solve that.

The last potential negative of dining here revolves around the birds. Since you will be dining outdoors, birds of all sorts may desire some of your meal. You have been warned.

Though this location offers simplicity and decent counter service food, the experience will not be perfect. Still, in my opinion, this food location could be a good solution for a counter service meal. As always, eat like you mean it!


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