Review of Chipotle Chicken Wrap at Confisco’s

Confisco's Islands of Adventure

Though often overlooked, Confisco’s Grille within Port of Entry area in Islands of Adventure offers interesting décor and menu items. Confisco’s operates as one of two full-service dining options within Islands of Adventure. The theming here fits perfectly with the backstory of Port of Entry area. Confisco’s houses several items from the other lands in Islands of Adventure. Guests exploring the interior of Confisco’s will find curious items within the restaurant. Thus, the restaurant name comes from confiscating items.

The menu offered here shows creativity. However, the struggle for this place revolves around being known for something extraordinary. In contrast to the other full-service option in Islands of Adventure, Mythos, Confisco’s lacks fanfare and signature entrée. I wrote a review of the Ahi Tuna Nachos. Still, an appetizer, though good, does not create incredible buzz in terms of dining options.

On one trip to Confisco’s, I ordered the Chipotle Chicken Wrap. The menu description reads grilled chicken, romaine, cheddar-jack cheese, roasted corn, salsa, and chipotle sour cream. When I ordered it, the server made sure I knew it was served cold. I suspect this issue causes guest confusion when this dish arrives at the table. This wrap comes with fries on the side.

The chicken wrap costs $14.95. Is the wrap worth it? Well, that depends on your preferences. First, the wrap portion size disappoints. Even the fries portion look small. However, if you are looking for a light flavorful lunch, this wrap meets that need.

Confisco's Islands of Adventure

Like the menu description indicates, this wrap contains various flavors. The mixture of flavors provides a quality experience. However, the tortilla like wrap fails to provide additional flavor. Still, the chef’s intention might involve letting the components work in harmony.

On the positive side, the wrap tasted great. On the negative side, the fries were below average even compared to quick service standards. As earlier mentioned, the portion size thwarts a full dining experience. This entrée clearly lacks shareability. If looking for quantity, one should consider other options. Sadly, there are better entrée choices here. Though flavor was solid, the overall value fails to meet the sit-down dining price.  If you standard on determining quality of meal choice involves whether you would get the same items more than once, this wrap fails to meet that standard for me.


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