Review of Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese at ABC Commissary


With the addition of Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story land area, the counter service option at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, ABC Commissary often gets overlooked. In the not distant past, this place being overlooked made sense. The food quality was rated as inconsistent. The menu offered few choices. Also, often when you find a menu item you like here, they would change it or move it elsewhere. Based on recent patterns though, ABC Commissary seems to have found its way. The current menu rates very high in terms of quality. In addition, value for your theme park vacation budget resides here also.

When ABC Commissary reopened after the park closures during 2020, the menu looked new. Ax very popular new item is the Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich. This sandwich costs $11.29 and comes with one side. The side options range from steak fries, rice, beans, and even a salad. I feel the portion size of the sides look small for this type of menu item, however.

This grilled cheese packs some solid flavor though. Yet, somehow, people who avoid spicy food often enjoy this sandwich. If you are looking for true buffalo level spice, then you will probably not find it in this sandwich. Of course, the flavor works very well. This sandwich comes with a side dish of buffalo sauce. With this, you can control your spice level as needed. This sauce offers some spick kick but a touch of sweetness also.

Photo courtesy of Rope Drop radio

On the negative side, the sourdough bread sometimes suffers texture issues matching with the chicken and cheese. A thicker bread could help with that. Also, if you get a little too aggressive dipping your sandwich or hold it too tight, be prepared for the mess factor. Sandwich residue on your nice Disney clothes could curb your enthusiasm at Hollywood Studios.

On the positive side, the sandwich satisfies picky eaters. The mobile ordering system works well here also. In addition, free drink refills while you dine here can be a plus for this meal.

The menu description tells us we get a sandwich made with toasted grilled sourdough bread with buffalo chicken, and four different types of cheese. If the idea of Monterey, provolone, cheddar, and cream cheese all in one sandwich appeals to you, then this sandwich merits consideration. If tackling all that cheese with some reasonable buffalo chicken flavor does not appeal, order the tacos instead.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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