Review of 50th Anniversary Filet Mignon at Hollywood Brown Derby


Hollywood Brown Derby operates as one of the finer dining table service places in Hollywood Studios. The overall dining options in Hollywood Studios have dramatically improved in recent years. Though this place has not improved very much, the standard ranked high here before.

Like many Disney restaurants, the main guests issue relates to cost analysis assessment. In other words, will this meal be worth the large amount of money being spent? To add to this conundrum, Walt Disney World chefs have presented us with a 50th anniversary entrée that tests this principle. For the 50th anniversary, Hollywood Brown Derby offers guests a filet mignon with Walt Disney’s roast beef hash for $49.

The menu description declares your filet mignon will be served with haricots verts, red wine sauce. Then, the signature touch shines with this arriving Walt’s way with a fried egg on top and hash underneath

Now, what would that look and taste like? First, if you are like me, you lack knowledge of what haricots verts means. After looking it up, I discovered the phrase refers to thin green beans. Guess we know why the fancy menu reads haricots verts now!

Photo credit: Walt Disney Resort

The fried egg being Walt’s way, serves as a set-up for a Disney legendary story. Supposedly, when Walt would visit the actual Hollywood Brown Derby in California, he would often order this style steak. According to legend, he ordered it with hash underneath. The legend continues by saying that Walt would only order it with a fried egg on top when he was not with his spouse. You can decide if you believe that or not. Still, this combination of food comes from that legend. Since Walt lived and breathed being a down to earth Midwest USA person, this menu item makes sense. Now, I may need to voice concerns about no egg when spouse is around, but oh well!

How does this concept taste? As you might expect at a fine dining place, the steak delivers a solid flavor. Some guests felt the smoky flavor was more than they preferred. Yet, that was voiced as a minor complaint. The steak quality itself and preparation excels in terms of theme parks dining. Some guests confidently said the steak was one of better ones on property. They continue praising the steak by saying it was better than similar option at Le Cellier in Epcot. Now, we should remember better does not mean best. If you are willing to pay more money, there are many steaks on property than rank higher.

Photo by Mike Esteen

The hash portion also advanced a good flavor. The hash soaked up some of the flavors of the dish adding to its quality. Like the steak, some guests articulated concerns about smoky or blackened flavor. The hash looks plain. Yet, I can see how this hash pairs with the steak well in terms of flavor balance.

The “green beans” serve as the minimum requirement to tell people you had vegetables with your meal. They are cooked and spiced well though. Now, if you are looking for a large portion of vegetables then this is not the entrée for you.

Photo by Bart Gilliard

This leaves the fried egg factor. The appearance of the egg works well with this dish. How you will feel about it is most likely based on whether you like to see runny yellow yolk running down your food. Overall, this entrée functions as a solid option.

Now, every meal comes with some issues. This entrée costs $49. This steak will not help most budgets. In addition, if you are a person who dislikes food with bad presentation, then this steak might send your running. Some guests voice concern over hap-hazard presentation at a Disney fine dining location.

All in all, the steak tastes great. The rest of entrée tastes great. If a $49 steak fits your theme park budget, you should consider having one Walt’s way.

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