Review: New Vegan Hand Pie Universal Studios Florida

vegan hand pie

Universal Orlando continues to add quality vegan dining options for their theme park guests. A new vegan hand pie arrived at the San Francisco Beer Co. stand at Universal Studios Florida. This snack and beverage kiosk sits across the road from San Francisco Pastry Company.

vegan hand pie

This new vegan item appeared just a few days ago without much fanfare compared to the opening of Café La Bamba. I suspect many guests will miss this vegan option. Also, this kiosk fails to make the cut to be listed on Universal Orlando website as a snack or dining option. Only a tiny sign indicates this menu item is available.

vegan hand pie


The hand pie looks similar in shape to an item offered during Halloween Horror Nights, t African Lentil & Potato Sambusa Coffin.  This coffin-shaped hand pie looks light and flaky and costs $6.99. The menu sign says this contains lentils, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots, red peppers, collard greens, garlic, cilantro, garam masala, and ginger.

This combination of vegan ingredients takes on the challenge of providing quality vegan flavor while avoiding any one component overwhelming the others. The pastry shell is soft enough to break the hand pie apart easily.

vegan and pie

My initial reaction to the hand pie counts as underwhelming. The combination of flavors worked but failed to create a full-flavored item. Lentils dominate the interior of the hand pie. Each bite comes with a little touch of spicy kick, however this kick should not push anyone adverse to spice away.

vegan hand pie

For people who commonly eat non-vegan pastry items, you will quickly detect that this qualifies as vegan. However, vegan diners will find this pastry shell satisfying and well-prepared.

vegan hand pie

As I enjoyed my last bite, I found the spice level a bit higher but still not “hot” by any means. However, the provided flavors of the hand pie tasted a bit bland, even for theme park vegan food. Still, this snack costs under $7 before applicable discounts.

If I were looking for a vegan snack to curb my hunger until enjoying an authentic meal, this would be high on that list at Universal Orlando. However, I would not make a dining plan based on this item since the flavor profile falls below that level. Still, this addition to vegan dining options by Universal Orlando should earn a seal of approval.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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