Review- Mission to Mars Burger at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café


Walt Disney World recently began their 50th anniversary celebration. This will last for 18 months total. As you may know, a large amount of menu items has been created just for this celebration.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is infamous for their seasonal burger creations. The creativity is often very high, but the problem is that same old, below average, frozen burger patty is the base of the burger.

As you might expect, the burger patty hinders the Mission to Mars Burger. As usual, no matter how much yummy sounding stuff you place on top of it, the results are poor.

Now this burger is better than the other 50th anniversary plant-based burger option at Cosmic Ray’s but that it not saying much.

Photo by Mike Esteen

The Mission to Mars Burger commemorates an old attraction that no longer exists in Tomorrowland area. This burger cost $12.99. This themed creation is a burger topped with bacon and macaroni & cheese. The bun is brushed with crushed cheese-flavored puffs. Since this is Cosmic Ray’s, it comes with the standard fries.

Though some people have felt this burger was okay, that is not the norm. The burger patty is hard to overcome. The toppings do not help much. This burger has a cheese slice, cheese puffs, and bacon so you would expect some flavor.

However, most people say this burger lacks any real flavor.

Another constant complaint is the burger and fries being served lukewarm or even cold.

This item needs some sauce to increase its taste. I suppose the plan was for all the fake cheese product was to create that but most of the time it fails. Maybe this should come with the “plastic cheese” to dip the burger within. That might not work either since this burger can be messy already.

There are far better items to enjoy, even at Magic Kingdom, than this burger. It is not a bad item, but it is not something you should seek out on purpose.

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