Review: Mardi Gras King Cake Voodoo Doughnut Signals New Season at Universal Orlando

king cake

Mardi Gras has begun at Universal Orlando. In typical fashion, Voodoo Doughnut created a new doughnut for the celebration at Universal Orlando Resort.

This Mardi Gras doughnut looks understated when compared to a usual seasonal doughnut. The King Cake Doughnut does reflect the appearance of the King Cake served at Mardi Gras Festival booths during the event at Universal Orlando.

king cake

In previous years the Voodoo Doughnut Universal CityWalk Orlando location designed some extravagant cream-filled doughnuts. This year, I arrived surprised to see a more understated doughnut for Mardi Gras opening day. The King Cake Doughnut features three different color sprinkles on top. You will recognize that pattern if you have seen the King Cake at Universal Orlando.

This doughnut costs $2.50, and for a theme park doughnut, it’s a good value.

The base of the doughnut is a cake doughnut and it came well prepared. The body of the treat includes cinnamon to match the Universal Orlando version of King Cake. I cannot confirm if that decision is intended to match Universal Orlando or not at this time. The doughnut also utilizes the vanilla frosting familiar with Voodoo Doughnuts. While this vanilla frosting quality rates high, the flavor is vanilla, so it’s nothing groundbreaking.

On the positive side, the frosting works well with this doughnut. The cinnamon within the doughnut conveys the proper balance for this King Cake doughnut. The appearance of this simple but decent-quality doughnut gives the appropriate imagery for Mardi Gras.

king cake

On the negative side, the colorful sprinkles taste below average. They added very little except texture for this creation. Also, guests will desire more sugar with this doughnut. If you are looking for a robust cinnamon-sugar flavor, I did not experience that on the opening morning for this King Cake Doughnut.

king cake

If you are looking for an excellent non-complicated doughnut to start your Mardi Gras day, this is a good choice. If desiring a more intricate doughnut, this will disappoint. The $2.50 price tag earns consideration. In addition, this doughnut shares some characteristics with the Coffee Cake Doughnut last month, which is still listed on the online menu.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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