Review: Lunch Filet at STK Steakhouse Disney Springs

STK Steakhouse

STK Steakhouse at Disney Springs possesses a well-earned reputation for being high-priced. Still, STK Steakhouse Disney Springs also provides some quality lunch promotions like the Lunch Special Filet.

STK Steakhouse

STK Steakhouse resides in Disney Springs Landing area, with the closest parking being the Orange Garage. STK Steakhouse extends some of the best steak cuts around. As mentioned, a hefty price comes with those. For one extreme, the Japanese Wagyu Selection A5 Filet costs $44 per ounce. Though we will not question the worth of that, many guests look to pay less for a good meal.

STK Steakhouse

Fortunately, some of the best weekday lunch deals on Walt Disney World property come from STK Steakhouse. In previous reviews, we have tried the STK Lunch Wagyu Burger. In addition, the STL Lunch Filet for $19.99 here makes a reasonable value. This lunch entrée can be purchased every weekday from 11:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Arrival at STK Steakhouse Disney Springs

During a recent lunch visit to STK Steakhouse, I arrived on time for my advance dining reservation. The servers seated me quickly. Overall, the service during this meal easily met the Disney standard. The dining area for STK Steakhouse feels very dark. If a dark dining experience bothers you, you ask to dine outdoors. Having eaten outdoors before, I found it pleasant on those visits.

Did we mention how dark it is at STK Steakhouse?

I asked my server how most people order the filet. She indicated that most get the filet medium rare. However, having some not-great steak experiences with medium rare on Walt Disney World property, I ordered it medium. For this price, you receive a 6-ounce filet. Like many high-end steak places, sides may be added for an additional cost. I ordered a side of mashed potatoes for five more dollars. The other five-dollar side options are sweet corn pudding and crispy brussels sprouts.

The Food

My food arrived very warm. The mashed potatoes offered good but inconsistent flavor. The twice-baked style preparation enhances these, though. Also, the mini-skillet presentation adds to the experience. The portion size met reasonable expectations.

The steak preparation was excellent. I expected a bit more seasoning. Well, at least at first, I expected that. My first bite needed more seasoning. The second bite (and the following ones) offered far more seasoning. The seasoning worked well with this filet cut overall. It started to shine as I had more of the steak.

STK Steakhouse

For anyone looking for an excellent lunch-size steak, this option deserves consideration. Sure, you might want a larger piece of steak, but for a premium steak, this price point makes sense for Disney guests.

With many high-quality restaurants at Walt Disney World, STK Steakhouse struggles to find its place on the property. As a result, reservations continue to be relatively easy to acquire for STK Steakhouse. With this and the Wagyu Burger, STK Steakhouse offers some excellent value for weekday lunch dining.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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