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If I find myself hungry within the confines of Magic Kingdom theme park, Columbia Harbour House makes a solid counter service option. The mobile order system works well here, and the restaurant theming fits the area. This counter service location offers a second-floor dining area also. This area tends to be quieter than most counter service areas within the Magic Kingdom. A comparably quiet place to dine after a long day at Magic Kingdom allows you to recharge enough to enjoy evening fireworks.

A popular menu item purchased by many people here goes by the name of “Lobster Roll.” A traditional New England area lobster roll mostly matches the theme surrounding Columbia Harbour House.

The “Lobster Roll” at Columbia Harbour House costs $16.99. This entrée comes with a side of fries. Sometimes, you can substitute fries for green beans or other sides. However, the green beans and fries taste average for theme park food.

The menu description for this item tells us to expect chilled lobster with a touch of mayonnaise on a New England style bun. This menu description leaves out two potential positives. One, this roll comes with a large piece of romaine lettuce. Yes, this lettuce piece can be awkward to eat but should get some billing. Also, the bun should be described in more positive language. This brioche bun, most of the time, provides plenty of buttery flavor.

How does this lobster roll taste?

The lobster mix tastes okay. Really, did you expect true New England quality lobster in a theme park in central Florida?

This lobster mix can sometimes be too watery, and the brioche bun often can taste stale. This issue, with the bun, evolves from the side effect of toasting the bun in advance. Unlike the menu description, this lobster mix offers mostly mayonnaise (not a touch) and a small amount of lobster. Guests voice often that they take bites of this “roll” without tasting any lobster.

In fairness, a vocal minority of Magic Kingdom guests proclaim this lobster roll as their favorite menu item. However, no matter your view of the mayonnaise to lobster ratio, the $17 price point does not live up to the quality received. In my opinion, several other items on the menu at Columbia Harbour House offer better quality and value. I would suggest Grilled Salmon, Grilled Shrimp, Trio Platter, and the Lighthouse Sandwich as better options.

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Park Rush Podcast

In addition, Tom Acres, of the Park Rush Podcast, purchased this menu item recently. He tweeted about it saying:


As always eat like you mean it.

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