Review: Limited-Time Gold House Almond Red Velvet Cupcake Sprinkles Disney Springs


Sprinkles Bakery & Cupcakes sells its bakery innovations throughout the United States of America. For example, a location can be found in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort. During January 2023, Sprinkles presents guests with several limited-time cupcakes for purchase. Starting Jan. 16, Sprinkles started selling the Gold House Almond Red Velvet Cupcake.


The Gold House Almond Red Velvet Cupcake will be available from January 16th-29th. This cupcake features red velvet cake with slivered almonds and is lined with a Double Dragon almond cookie crust. Almond cream cheese frosting and a Golden House custom decoration reside on top of this cupcake. These cost $7.


Based on my experience with the standard menu version of the Red Velvet Cupcake, my expectations were average at best. However, the presentation starts this review off well. The special contained cupcake with a “Happy Lunar New Year” envelope makes an excellent touch.

So, how does it taste? The well-designed candy piece on top offers some solid positive flavors but nothing breathtaking. The cookie crust lining fell off the bottom of my cupcake when I started to eat it. Still, the almond cookie crust brings this cupcake up several levels over my previous experience here.


The mixture of almonds in the red velvet cupcake also brings this cupcake up in terms of flavors. With the added almonds, the frosting pops with cream cheese. This makes an excellent limited-time addition to the menu at Sprinkles.


My main criticism would be that the frosting, in combination with the red velvet cupcake, becomes overly sweet. Still, guests are ordering cupcakes, after all so that criticism is slight. This cupcake should be considered if you find yourself near Sprinkles before Jan. 29, when this limited-time cupcake disappears.


Available from January 9th-29th is the S’mores Cupcake. This cupcake features a graham cracker-lined Belgian dark chocolate cake, bittersweet chocolate ganache, and toasted marshmallow frosting.

In a trend this month at sweet shops, Biscoff Cookie Butter makes up a very limited-time cupcake at Sprinkles. They call it a “flash flavor” and an online exclusive. You can pre-order it on Jan. 23 and 24 and have it scheduled for pick-up or delivery on Jan. 27 or 28. This cupcake provides a Biscoff cookie crust, cinnamon cake, a cookie butter core, and brown sugar frosting.

If visiting a Sprinkles location, you should be aware of one payment concern. Almost all Sprinkles locations function as cashless business operations. While working on another project, I messaged the company to clarify this issue. They confirm cashless payment only.

However you choose to order, whether in person or mobile order, this cupcake demands respect. Now, you may like something other than the flavor combinations or something this sweet. However, if you do, this should make your list of options when looking for a sweet treat at Disney Springs.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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