Review: Jamaican Jerk Chicken Frites at The Daily Poutine Disney Springs


During February 2023, Walt Disney World celebrates black heritage month with several new menu items. Many of these offerings come inspired by Disney cast member chefs. The Daily Poutine, in Disney Springs, started selling Jamaican Jerk Chicken Frites. These will be sold until Feb. 28.

daily poutine

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken Frites cost $10.49. According to the menu description, these contain “sweet ‘n’ hot jerk marinated chicken, pineapple salsa, scotch bonnet aïoli, and fries.” Chef Kima created this menu item as a nod to her family’s history in Jamacia.

Her family made Caribbean and Jamaican food. Her love of food grew from this background.

daily poutine

We enjoyed these on the first day they were offered. When we arrived, the new menu item still needed to be listed. Later that day, a well-done sign appeared to show off all the effort and thought placed in preparation for this new option. Due to this, the staff showed hesitancy in creating this dish. This happens on opening days often, so you should be reassured if you try this later this month.

So, how was this new item? The Daily Poutine generally offers budget-friendly (for Disney) counter-service meals. This unique item reflects that tendency also. The portion size exhibited an average amount for this type of entrée.

In terms of flavor, the fries tasted average. For Walt Disney World fans, these fries looked like standard Disney fries. However, the fries function as the base for the rest of this meal.

We expected more powerful flavors from a Jamaican jerk entrée, but we failed to experience that. The chicken came prepared fine for counter service but lacked anything beyond essential spice. This entrée demonstrated less “kick” than most would expect, even by theme park resort standards.

The frites depend on the aioli and vegetables for the seasoning, but not the chicken. Some spice will be encountered if your bite includes only aioli and vegetables. However, we have tasted far spicier dishes at Walt Disney World this month alone. The pineapple salsa offered a decent flavor and a bit of a spicy aftertaste. Yet, we never experience anything close to authentic Jamaican spice.

daily poutine
Obligatory photo of Disney food on a trash can (Photo by Jon Self)

The ingredients of this meal came well prepared. The frites brought a filling snack or light lunch. Yet, this will disappoint if you want something close to jerk chicken flavor. If you want a filling meal at Disney Springs, this meal fulfills that. Based on those criteria, this might make a good meal choice for visiting Disney Springs.

We previously reviewed the Chicken Jambalaya Dog, another unique offering this month at Disney Springs. As always, eat like you mean it!


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