Review: Holiday Doughnuts Everglazed Disney Springs

Photo courtesy of Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

This year, six holiday doughnuts can be found at Everglazed Disney Springs. Recently, I made a trip to Everglazed with #GooToYou. Previously we reported this arriving in December. That evening, we ordered five of the six doughnuts. The holiday wreath doughnut failed to be in stock when we went, or we might have gotten all six. You can purchase all six of these doughnuts for $28. Of course, they will need to be available at that time.

Holiday douhgnuts Everglazed

The Gingerbread Man – $6.50

Of the ones we tried, this one counts as a specialty doughnut on the Everglazed scale. This doughnut is advertised as a gingerbread doughnut with strawberry filling. Yet, the execution lacks something. A thin layer of gingerbread frosting resides under the usual vanilla and chocolate frosting. This creates confusion for your taste buds. Of the bites of this doughnut we had, only one enabled us to taste any real gingerbread. On the one bite I had with gingerbread flavor, I found it to be enjoyable. The combination of flavors creates just an excellent standard doughnut but nothing special.

Holiday Doughnuts Everglazed

The gingerbread man sugar piece on top of the doughnut tasted fine. Yet, adding more sugar to a sugar-filled doughnut is problematic for those vulnerable to sugar overload.

The strawberry jelly filling provided a nice balance to the powerful sugar of this doughnut. However, the strawberry lacked a distinct flavor. We would have believed you if you had told us that this was a different jelly-like flavor.

This doughnut tasted decent but did not deserve a higher price tag.

Holiday Lights – $4.95

Of the doughnuts we tried, this one brought the best presentation. Piece of sugar candy, like the Gingerbread Man one, make up the holiday lights for this doughnut. On this doughnut, they were harder than one would prefer. The frosting provided that familiar Everglazed flavor. Yet, nothing stood out about this doughnut. This makes a good doughnut but nothing special.

Christmas Winter Mix – $4.95

Holiday Doughnuts Everglazed

This doughnut looked like a normal one from Everglazed that I have reviewed before. The twist with one involves the holiday-themed sprinkles on top. The sprinkles come shaped like bears, trees, and stars. The colors of red and green sprinkles give it just enough holiday punch.

Of the holiday choice, this one makes an excellent safe choice. The texture of the sprinkles contrasting with the sugary sweet frosting provides the appeal of this one.

Christmas Traditional Sprinkle – $4.95

Like the last doughnut, the sprinkles make the doughnut. As has been documented, I enjoy sprinkles. Having candy sprinkles on a doughnut immediately moves it up in my rankings. This will be great for you if you want a classic doughnut with sprinkles. If not, skip this one.

Holly Leaf – $4.95

Holiday Doughnuts Everglazed

This doughnut shares similar traits with all the previous ones. The “leaf” features sugary candy, which feels harder in texture than most guests will prefer. The frosting brings the expected Everglazed flavor. Though this doughnut looks pretty, the taste rates as good but once nothing fabulous.


Photo courtesy of Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Overall, the five doughnuts we tried tasted good. Yet, as I have said often, if I were going to spend Everglazed-level money on a doughnut, I would select a different one. Yet, if you find yourself at Walt Disney World in December, picking up a half dozen of these doughnuts might bring a smile to your group’s faces. As always, eat like you mean it!

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