Review: Finally, Trying a Cupcake at Sprinkles Disney Springs


During a Fall trip to Orlando, I ordered a cupcake from Sprinkles. Since I have never eaten a cupcake from Sprinkles before, this trip made a good time to give this place a try. Sprinkles sells cupcakes in numerous states in the United States of America, like Arizona, California, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, New York, DC, and Texas. Maybe you have one near you. I only recently learned that a Sprinkles pick-up location resides within Chicago O’Hare Airport, which I utilize often.


Like other treats on that trip, I returned to the condo to enjoy this cupcake. I utilized Sprinkle’s website to mobile order a “Red Velvet Cupcake.” This cupcake costs $6. The menu description only says, “southern style light chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.” That description leaves very little to go on. I set up a nice place to eat the cupcake with plenty of paper towels to avoid a mess since I do not own the condo. As you can see, the cupcake comes nicely packaged in a box. I had to be very careful taking the cupcake out of the box so I could take a photo.

Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake

After that minor amount of drama, I cut the cupcake in half. After cutting it, I noticed that this cupcake looked more diminutive than a standard Walt Disney World cupcake. I expected this one to taste better than those, which it did. The small candy piece on top made this hard to cut. That candy piece brought a decent flavor but nothing special. The cake portion of this cupcake tasted as you would expect. The moisture level seems right on point. The flavor and quality expected existed with this cupcake. The cream cheese frosting on this one was nothing special. Maybe I am the wrong demographic as an older male that often sits typing in his empty apartment, but the flavors did not impress me. I would have preferred a Gideon’s Bakehouse cookie or an Everglazed doughnut over this cupcake.


I plan to give this Sprinkles location another visit. However, this experience could have gone better for me.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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