Review: Filet Mignon Sliders at The Boathouse Disney Springs


A very solid case exists for declaring The Boathouse as the best restaurant in the Disney Springs area at Walt Disney World. Clearly, a few better dining options reside at Walt Disney World. However, this restaurant ranks very high. As you might expect, that high quality comes with a superior price. Also, since this place focuses on seafood, another level of pricing should be expected.  Like most Walt Disney World table service dining, the higher price generally provides better food. In most cases, that rings true at The Boathouse.

Reservation acquirement presents a challenge here. I would suggest using a dining reservation service to get one here if you fail when your 60-day window starts for booking reservations. I have heard many success stories with guests using those. Now, you would expect a challenge getting a reservation at almost any table-service dining option at Walt Disney World. Adding in factor of overall quality here, these reservations disappear quickly. This issue multiplies exponentially if you want evening seating and/weekend brunch seating.

For today’s menu item, I present this scenario. You got reservations for your entire party at The Boathouse. However, the time of day fails to fit you usual dining pattern. Maybe, your reservation is at 11:15am when you normally eat breakfast around 9am. Maybe your reservation is at 3pm but you got hungry at lunch time. In either scenario, you lack an appetite. You do not want to waste this reservation. Yet, you also do not want to pay over $40 for a great meal you cannot really enjoy.

The Filet Mignon Sliders offer a solution to this dilemma. These sliders come with a side of fries. The menu description emphasizes the Maitre d’ Butter with these. These sliders currently cost $15. Like I said, The Boathouse classifies as higher quality with higher price point.

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Promo photo from The Boathouse

On the positive side, these sliders taste great. For little more than you might pay for an average counter service burger, you get excellent meat quality and preparation. The meat holds just the right amount of succulence.  The burger texture meets the standard of an excellent table service establishment. If you order this under similar circumstances to my scenarios above, you will not be disappointed in the least. Also, I suggest using garlic aioli with these sliders.

Photo Credit: Promo Photo from The Boathouse

On the less positive side, these sliders seem to be getting smaller over the last few years. The fries tend to be average for table service dining. The flavor may be excellent but getting two small sliders with fries will seem unsatisfactory if you show up with a full appetite. If you desire a light meal, these sliders meet that need with class. With so many good burgers at Disney Springs restaurants, the portion size issue causes me to discourage some guests from ordering this.

If you find yourself at The Boathouse under dining stress like described above, you will not regret getting these sliders. When you show up for your reservation hungry, these will be merely an appetizer. If looking for the best burger value on property, look to STK Steakhouse for weekday lunch. When looking for incredibly well-prepared burgers, try these sliders. If looking for the best burger on property, that debate will have to wait for another day.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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