Review: Earthquake Cake from The American Kitchen Bar and Grill at the B Resort


During my recent trip to the Orlando area, I made a quick visit to the B Resort and Spa in the Disney Springs area. I stayed here back in February 2022. During my April 2022 trip, I had a colleague staying there. I meet up with them to have dinner at the American Kitchen Bar and Grill located on property at the B Resort and Spa.

If you are unfamiliar with The B Resort, it is an upscale resort located in the Disney Springs area. This resort hotel resides within easy walking distance of Disney Springs. Other popular perks for guests staying here involve early park admission to Walt Disney World theme parks and scheduled shuttles to take you there.

The table service style dining here provides some solid menu items. The American Kitchen Bar and Grill at The B Resort and Spa serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During my February stay, I enjoyed an evening meal here. However, life as a part-time theme park food blogger caused me to partake in far too many doughnuts and cookies earlier in that day. That meant when presented with two desserts that evening, I felt sugar overload.

For my most recent trip, I purchased the “Earthquake Cake.”

This shareable dessert costs $16. The menu warns you to expect chocolate overload. This enormous dessert features Snickers pieces, ganache, white chocolate drizzle, and a caramel gelato. As you might expect, the foundation of this creation is provided with chocolate cake and chocolate brownies.

So how was this dessert?

In a word, good!

Sure, you can find a few better desserts, you are dining in the heart of Orlando theme parks after all. However, if you enjoy chocolate, run to get this creation. The combination of various chocolate types and candy pieces work very well together. However, this dessert offers a serious food challenge. I could have consumed this entire cake by myself, but I would not have felt very well afterwards. Since $16 might seem like a high price point to you, please consider the quality of dessert and large portion size.

If staying in the Disney Springs area, this restaurant could provide a solid dining experience for you with a more casual atmosphere than Disney Springs or in the theme parks. Maybe after leaving the theme parks after a long day, this place could make for a solid meal with this high-quality dessert.

After I got back home from this trip, I looked at my notes from having this previously. My only criticism involved wanting a scoop of vanilla ice cream to smooth out the dessert. Yes, this dessert offers a serious chocolate overload….in a good way! If you are brave enough, give this a try.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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