Review: Duck Nachos at City Works Disney Springs

Duck Nachos

Recently, I scheduled a lunch dining review at City Works Eatery and Pour House. I had dined previously on a recent trip for brunch here. On this adventure, the Duck Nachos were examined for an appetizer at City Works Eatery and Pour House in Disney Springs.

For this visit, the check-in process worked very efficiently. Since check-in often takes significant time at other Disney Springs table service options, this easy process started things off nicely. A staff member guided me to a high-top table. This offered me a view of more screens than my poor brain could handle. However, I did not enjoy my seating area’s comfort level. Yes, I experience tendencies towards being spoiled in restaurants, so that would probably count as a “me” issue.

I scanned the menu for a little while. Then, I decided to order something non-traditional. The “Duck Nachos” fit that category. These nachos cost $19. The menu description reads “Pulled duck confit, pepper jack cheese sauce, pickled jalapeños, smoked tomatoes, red onion, white beans, avocado, micro cilantro, queso fresco, wonton chips.”


The initial presentation of these nachos promised some enjoyable, tasty dining. The appearance reminded me, a little unfairly, of the ahi tuna-style nachos at Yak & Yeti in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the ones at Confisco Grille at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Both of those options make great non-traditional nachos. Since I had those in my mind, these had a tough hill to climb.

Duck Nachos

The duck portion of these offered decent flavor. Yet, that flavor level could have been more impressive. The duck itself showed average quality on this day. The cheese sauce paired well with the duck and the wonton chips. The light wonton chips held up nicely, holding this appetizer together. In fact, the chips were well-covered at each level. These nachos avoid the issue of empty chips towards the bottom. Also, this appetizer makes a solid sharable starter for your meal here. In addition, this could pair well with some alcoholic beverages while watching sports.

Duck Nachos

On the less positive side, the avocado tasted far below average on this day. The jalapeno offered only an average flavor level as well. The white beans balance these nachos but need more supporting flavors. I think these non-traditional nachos will suffer from guests expecting more “Tex-Mex” style flavor and spice. When reading the menu description with “pepper jack cheese sauce,” that expectation will arise. I found the cheese sauce good but lacked any natural pepper jack spice. Also, some guests might want something sweet after this style of nachos. Fortunately, Everglazed and Salt & Straw exist nearby.

Other People’s Experience with the Duck Nachos

As I tend to do on solo work trips, I posted pictures of these nachos in several Facebook groups. The most common comment I received mentioned their disappointment when ordering these.

Duck Nachos

Finishing on a high note, my server did a great job. He managed to keep my beverage full most of the time. For any server dealing with me, that can be a challenge.

City Works offers many positives. However, the Duck Nachos fail to be one of them for me and others who have tried these non-traditional nachos. As always, eat like you mean it!

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