Review: Crab Rangoon Dip at The Cowfish Universal Orlando

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Photo from temporary pop-up kiosk in CityWalk (Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog)

Universal Orlando CityWalk offers some quality table-service dining. Oh, sorry, Universal Orlando calls it full-service dining. Thus, I want to use the proper name of “full-service dining” in this food review.

A very popular full-service dining option resides in a prominent place at CityWalk, The Cowfish. The Cowfish offers an eclectic variety of fusion style food. Besides the quality burgers, sushi, and “burgushi”, many great appetizers appear on the menu. A very popular one is the Crab Rangoon Dip. This appetizer developed such high devotion from Universal Orlando veterans that for a brief time in March 2022 a pop-up food kiosk, serving a select few items, sold this dip. Some of my theme park food blogging colleagues declare this dip as a must try when visiting Universal Orlando. I lack their enthusiasm. However, I see their point. Still, devotion reigns supreme for this.

The Crab Rangoon Dip currently costs $15. That price point reflects a slight increase since March 2022 when it was $14. The menu description reads creamy crab rangoon with parmesan panko crust, wonton crisps, sweet chili sauce and chives.

Chili sauce served on the side by request in this example

Before we break it down, this appetizer tastes fabulous. I offer no criticisms in terms of taste quality. The crab style dip comes with wonton chips drizzled with chili sauce. Also, the touch of placing a parmesan panko crust on top of the crab dip counts as brilliant. The crab taste shines through with this in a good way. The dip comes thinner than a traditional crab rangoon. This texture creates an ideal dipping surface. The dip qualifies high on the creamy scale. Of all the people I have heard speak about this appetizer, I rarely hear anything negative.

Photo from temporary pop-up kiosk in CityWalk (Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog)

Despite that, I suggest three potential negatives:

First, the dip itself thickens when it cools down. The flavor quality drops at that point. Of course, why would this dip last long enough to cool down?

Second, the portion size rates as small for this type of appetizer. If you expect this to be split among three or four people, the chips and dip will not accomplish that in my opinion.

Third, the price point exceeds a standard theme park visitor’s budget. For example, for $7 more, you can buy the Volcano Nachos at Margaritaville to easily feed three or four people a solid appetizer. Now, the Crab Rangoon Dip tastes better.

Your main entrees at The Cowfish will be better quality also. However, the price point needs to be considered. I hope this helps you enjoy your full-service dining experience at Universal Orlando.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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